GREEN LANTERNS #42 brings "Superhuman Trafficking" to its source, as the Lanterns confront the Order of the Steed. Tim Seely and the artistic team weave a bright, action-filled story while managing to get in some points about religion.
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Holy WAY

GREEN LANTERNS #42 takes the “Superhuman Trafficking” storyline to a new level. The Lanterns have finally located the Order of the Steed, but their rescue takes unexpected turns.

The Mission Resumes In GREEN LANTERNS #41


The issue begins with a brief look at the Order of the Steed’s stronghold and an update on Night Pilot’s status. However, this scene works as part of a mystery. We get some clues into how the Order operates (a belief of control through the distinction of “riders” and “steeds”), but not much else. The story begins properly with Baz and Cruz at Lantern headquarters. Writer Tim Seeley adds interesting nuances here, as the duo discuss legal options with Lanterns John Stewart and Dasam. We see ring battles so often, it’s easy to forget the Lanterns are still a police force, and they have codes of conduct to obey. It’s also a reminder that aliens still have legal systems.

GREEN LANTERNS #42 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Dasam explains the Order has a religious right to their area that prevents a full investigation. However, the Order can’t refuse any pilgrims to the site. The Lanterns react differently to the news. Cruz has no religious attachment, but the Muslim Baz affirms both that his faith defines him, yet that his God will understand. It’s a nice depiction of religion being about doing good, rather than being caught up in too many details.

The Lanterns prepare to leave, which includes dropping off their prisoner Scrapps. However, Scrapps decides to join them, saying that she fought against slavery and, since the Order stands for it, she’ll fight them too. It’s another small touch that makes the issue’s conflict seem much bigger. After all, when the person the Lanterns arrested in the previous issue joins up, things aren’t looking good.

Faith And Love

The Lanterns head to the Order’s world on a refugee ship, which is brimming with many different alien species. The creative team (V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, and Dinei Ribeiro) excel here, creating a crowded spaceship with all sorts of colors and shapes from across the universe. In just a few panels, they replicate the feel of a cramped airplane and the hell of being stuck in one. The art does have a washed over outlook to it, however. It doesn’t ruin the overall image, but it means certain parts (like the Lanterns before, or some of the refugee aliens) have a slightly smoother look to them. It’s not horrible, but it makes the pages lose some visual weight.

GREEN LANTERNS #42 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Cruz suffers on the journey, her anxiety triggered by the crowds. Baz manages to calm her, as Cruz admits she envies the pilgrims and Baz. She sees the community of faith as the right way to deal with life’s hardships. However, she also admits that her difficulties make her fear those that could actually help her. This simple statement carried weight with both religion and anxiety. Religion aims to help people, but can also push people away. Anxiety makes Cruz fear people, even though she can only be helped by others. It’s a very heavy statement, especially in a book about space aliens and willpower rings.

Religious Cynicism in PREACHER and OUTCAST

The Lanterns and Scrapps land on the Order’s world. They receive the welcoming sermon before managing to find the Earth heroes. The Order merely flicks a switch and turn the captive heroes into steeds, mind-controlled warriors who battle the Lanterns. Scrapps makes another discovery in the meantime, and it indicates the next issue will be full of problems.

Final Thoughts On GREEN LANTERNS #42

GREEN LANTERNS #42 continues to develop “Superhuman Trafficking” wonderfully. The story isn’t as political as previous entries, but Seeley and Co. deliver a great character piece with some thoughts on faith. The Order of the Steed remains a unique, if not fully understood threat, with the faith aspect adding new wrinkles for the Lanterns to deal with. The ride has been simply fantastic, despite a rocky start. As we head towards the finale, I’m looking forward to GREEN LANTERNS #42 next month!

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