ComicsVerse’s Schané Flowers spoke with Regine Sawyer at the Black Comic Book Festival!

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ComicsVerse: Hey everyone, I’m Schane with Regine L. Sawyer at the Black Comic Book Festival, and you’re watching Comicsverse. So, how are you, how’s the festival been treating you?

Regine Sawyer: Very, very, busy, and very, very good. This is a wonderful show, I’ve been doing it for the past six years, so, the moment it was conceived, I was here. But, I love doing it, it’s a fun show, it’s a wonderful show, and I love being here in the community.

ComicsVerse: Awesome, now I know that you didn’t originally start in comics. You kind of pursued a career in technology a bit, because people said get a real job. And, lowkey, I’m against that as a budding creative. But, what was the passion that got you back to your love of comics.

Regine Sawyer: Well, it’s interesting, because, actually, like you said, I had a degree in technology, in hospitality management to be exact. I was in the midst of my career as a corporate food manager, and writing and comics is something that’s been a part of me for my entire life. Around that time, it was about, like 2006, I actually saw Superman Returns, a movie that people hate, and I love, actually. I actually love it, I actually love it, because when I was watching it, I was sitting there in tears, because, I was like, oh my God, this is what I’ve been missing. I’ve been missing writing, I’ve been missing working on my concepts. I just decided at that moment, I’m getting into comics, officially, like I’m going to do it. I actually met someone, a couple weeks later, about a month later at a comic book shop that overheard me talking about possibly getting into comics. He just said, “Hey, I have an independent company. “Why don’t you show what you have?” Then, from there, it just, I got lost in the world of the comic book industry.

ComicsVerse: You’re also the founder of Women in Comics International, or WIC for short.

Regine Sawyer: Yes.

ComicsVerse: Correct?

Regine Sawyer: Yes.

ComicsVerse: I want to know what inspired you to actually find this collective?

Regine Sawyer: Well, I was asked to a panel Discussion back in 2012 for a convention called Bronx Heroes Comicon by Ray Felix. He asked me to do the panel, and I was just like, “Why me?” He said, “No, you’d be perfect.” I’m like, “You sure?” He’s like, “Yeah, you’ll be great.” so, I did the panel and it was very impactful, not just for the women that I was interviewing before the audience, and if it was because we were all women of color. At the time, many people weren’t used to seeing that. They didn’t know we existed, and arguably, a lot of people don’t think we exist now. But thanks to Black Twitter, they know that we do. So,with that said, from there, we were just asked to more panel discussions. Then I was asked to do workshops. I’d never down a workshop in my life, and I said yes. We did do workshops, and we didn’t even have a name, and people were asking us to do these different things. Finally, I just put a name together and I said, “This is what we are.” Women from all over the world heard about us and found out about us. Said, like, look, we can’t come to the show but we want to be a part of this movement. So, we have 150 members worldwide. We do panel discussions, art shows, workshops, and we have our own convention. We do things all across the country.

ComicsVerse: All right, now about your own convention, can you tell me the dates of that. Is there one this year?

Regine Sawyer: Yes, it will be in Brooklyn this year at the Brooklyn Public Library, yes. Things are not finalized yet. But, we are definitely going to be there. It’ll be early summer.

ComicsVerse: Uh-uh.

Regine Sawyer: And I have Eating Vampires, which is about a young girl who is the last of her people and the only cure for a vampire virus outbreak. And lastly, I have a short little children’s book called The Will of the Weeping Willow that my mother wrote and illustrated. I published it for her right after she passed away. So, that was last year, thank you so much. But, I’m so happy I could do that for her, it was very cathartic.

ComicsVerse: That is a lot, and I’m actually excited about the convention in Brooklyn. I am definitely looking forward to it. For more interviews like this, please check us out at I’m Schane and you’re watching me and Regine at the Black Comic Book Festival 2018.

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