RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 by Scott Lobdell, Dexter Soy, & Veronica Gandini
The latest entry in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS allows us to comprehend the titular characters through unique, engaging narrative forms.
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A Captivating and Thought-Provoking Tale
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Beware potential spoilers for RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 below!

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 follows up an emotional, action-packed entry in this impressive DC Rebirth series. After Bizarro’s heroic sacrifice in the battle against Solomon Grundy, the notorious Lex Luthor attempts to revive the fallen Outlaw. As they wait to see if Luthor will succeed, Red Hood and Artemis reflect on Bizarro’s impact on their respective lives. Paralleling this reflection, Bizarro ponders his own identity and the events that have shaped it. Ultimately, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 is less action-packed than the previous entry. Yet, it maintains a fantastic and impactful narrative that carries some unexpected surprises.

red hood and the outlaws #13
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

“Me Remember Fear”

The latest entry in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS commences in an interesting manner. It begins with Bizarro’s interpretation of his origins. It’s a quirky introduction to the issue’s narrative, implementing humor through Bizarro’s adorable names for members of the Justice League. This light-hearted opening captures Bizarro’s innocence despite being created for an ominous purpose. Soon enough, though, the issue shifts from imaginary to reality.

As they wait for the results of Luthor’s operation, Red Hood and Artemis find themselves identifying with each other. They discuss the fact that they’re all orphans who have rarely opened up their lives to anyone. They realize that, despite the tragedies they have repeatedly experienced, they somehow found fulfillment in each other’s companionship. Quoting writer Elie Wiesel, Artemis states, “Any time two people meet, it is a miracle.” The events of this particular issue are more character-centric than previous entries. Because of this, we understand the overall significance of this unique union of characters. They unexpectedly share a lot in common, allowing each other to feel a little less lonely.

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I particularly enjoyed the depiction of Lex Luthor’s arrogance in this issue. His recent influence on Bizarro will be an interesting new plot device for writer Scott Lobdell to explore. Following the events that conclude this entry in the series, the team chemistry of the Outlaws will inevitably change. So far, it has provided our anti-heroes with depth and identifiable qualities. Because of this, I hope the new developments will make for some fresh, intriguing character dynamics.

red hood and the outlaws #13
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 page 10. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.


Once again, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS showcases some incredible artwork. Dexter Soy illustrates some beautifully detailed panels. From backgrounds to facial expressions, Soy doesn’t miss a beat in his work. With this, the issue features multiple tonal changes that parallel the varying moods of the work. Perhaps the most impressive sequence of this particular issue is the portrayal of Bizarro’s thoughts during his initial creation. The sequence maintains psychedelic influences, depicting the chaos the character recalls experiencing as he came into existence.

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Colorist Veronica Gandini‘s palette is wildly vibrant in these panels, embodying Bizarro’s mindset. Interestingly though, she does diversify said palette in other sequences to maintain the realism that has been present throughout the series. Flashback sequences tend to maintain duller tones to maintain the somber retrospection the characters are exhibiting. The variation in hues throughout the issue successfully parallel the current moods of our titular anti-heroes, establishing a well-balanced issue.

red hood and the outlaws #13
RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #13 page 13. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

“This Am My Story”

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS has continuously proven to be an engaging, well-executed series. Though this particular entry is slower paced than previous installments, it furthers the character development. I look forward to seeing whether or not Lex Luthor’s role will expand, and how Artemis & Red Hood will tackle the “new and improved” Bizarro.

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