REAVER #5 By Justin Jordan & Rebekah Isaacs
Writer Justin Jordan and artist Rebekah Isaacs war epic REAVER #5 comes to the end of the first arc. Our band of misfits heroes try to seize control of the Anvil or die trying.
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A great way to end the first arc
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What do you get when you let a savage and a skin eater run amuck? A perfect combination of gratuitous violence and suspenseful storytelling. Writer Justin Jordan and artist Rebekah Issac deliver an impressive conclusion to the first arc that will leave many readers in awe. In REAVER #5, our misfit group has finally made it to the Anvil with a few major setbacks. But the real question is, will they all make it our alive?


REAVER #5 picks up where issue four left off. Last we saw Styrian literally stabs Marris in the back, betraying him and the rest of the team. Turns out the enemies within the Anvil were the SwordLions. Styrian made a deal to hand over the rest of the group in exchange for sparing his own life. In this latest installment of the medieval mayhem, Jordan brings the story full circle as the remaining team members look to try and seize control of the Anvil.

The Devil's Son begins to kill in Reaver #5
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What’s great about Jordan’s script is his ability to pull the reader in, make us think we know everything that’s going on, and then completely snatch the rug out from under us. REAVER #5 was such a great ending to the first arc of one of the best comic series of 2019. The final issue not only wraps everything up for the first chapter but it has a lot of callbacks to the first issue as well. The reveal at the very end will definitely be a surprise that I’m sure most of the readers will not see coming.

Sweet Callbacks & Seeds Planted

REAVER #5 has some interesting connections to the first issue that may or may not have been intentional. You may recall it was mentioned in book one that Styrian knew a lot about the protocols, culture, and malevolent behavior of other factions. So when Styrian reveals to Mahan that he recognized the Swordlions message cylinder its a cool callback to the first book. Also worth mentioning is when Marris whispered something to the Devils’ son back at the castle to convince him to join the mission. It has yet to be been revealed what Marris told him.

Splitting Headaches in Reaver #5
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Although everyone gets their shared moment in this issue, the MVP in this book is definitely the Devil’s son. From the moment you see him on the page, you can’t take your eyes off of him — mostly because of the sheer chaos and brutality he causes, but still. Jordan has done an excellent job developing the Devil’s son’s backstory. It helps readers understand why he murders people, what drove him to this point, and even how the Devil’s son sees his own fate playing out. He reminds you of a cross between Kratos (GOD OF WAR) and The Hound (GAME OF THRONES)

The Art

Rebekah Isaacs turns up the intensity of her art this issue. There are a lot of cool moments that highlight Isaacs’s great distinction between her character designs. One of my favorite designs is the Devil’s son armor, which seems impenetrable. She delivers some pretty bulldozed chaos with the Devils son that is worth the cover price alone.

Cornered in Reaver #5
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One of Isaacs’s best qualities as an artist is her ability to add such a wide assortment of facial expressions to her characters. No two characters ever look alike, whether its a vagrant or a knight. Isaacs unique touch not only enhances the story but adds greatly to Jordan’s script. This gives the reader a more intimate connection to the work. This, in turn, helps to bring the reader to root for the characters.

The Verdict

REAVER #5 is an action-filled issue that sends the first arc off on a great cliffhanger. The writing and artwork are pretty solid with great promise for the second arc. We continue to learn more about each character as the story moves forward keeping it fresh and unpredictable. Make sure to add it to your list on your next trip to the comic shop or download it today.

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