REAVER #1 by Justin Jordan, Rebekah Isaac, and Alex Guimaraes
Six of its most despicable prisoners must work together on a top-secret mission to bring down an unknown evil that looks to destroy the world. Writer Justin Jordan along with Rebekah Isaac and Alex Guimaraes present REAVER #1.
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REAVER #1 takes us to the continent of Madaras. Madaras is supposed to be a new start for most settlers. But, two hundred years later, it’s a land still ravaged by war. The Imperial Empire, once a prominent society, is slowly declining to the depths of evil. In their darkest hour, Colonel Travvos seeks out to put a team together to save the empire from ultimate destruction.

From comic writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) along with artist Rebekah Isaac (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Alex Guimaraes (Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern) comes REAVER #1. REAVER #1 is a tale about a band of criminals who might just save the world. That is, if they don’t kill each other first.


The story takes place within the continuously war-driven continent of Madaras. Like most fantasy stories, there are a bunch of opposing characters to remember. However, the most important to remember right now is Ash Mahan. Ash disgraces himself by leaving one of his Imperial commanding officers for dead on the battlefield. Ash’s act of cowardice makes him a marked man and he winds up imprisoned for his actions.

Reaver #1-Battle for supremacy
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Meanwhile with the Imperial army losing territory left and right, Colonel Travvos seeks counsel from a shifty looking sorcerer. (Can’t see that blowing up in his face.) In a last-ditch effort to try to turn the tide of war back in their favor, Ash is recruited by the Colonel to lead a group of prisoners on a secret mission. Their assignment: infiltrate enemy territory in a place called The Anvil. What’s the worst that can happen?

REAVER #1 delivers a fantastic introduction to the world of Madaras. Jordan’s latest comic project transports us to the middle ages where a team of the most unlikely criminals have to work together on a mission that will probably get them all killed. If the SUICIDE SQUAD and GAME OF THRONES had a love child, this book would be it. The characters are fun, the stories engaging, and Jordan always manages to put a unique twist in his work. The only negative flaw is that there are a lot of different groups to remember. It could be a bit confusing for some readers in the beginning to know who’s who.

What The Story is Really About

Jordan does a decent job of setting up this first issue and putting a lot of the plot points in motion. He’s also good at sending characters on a journey of self-discovery. On the surface, this is a story about war. But if you dig a little deep it’s fundamentally about second chances.

Reaver #1-The plan
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For Ash, the journey ahead looks like an opportunity to regain his honor that he lost at the beginning of the story. If you think about integrity it meant even more back then than it does today. So for Ash, succeeding at a mission that he may not even survive is a chance at redemption. As for the rest of the characters, we’re not really given enough yet to assume what motivations drive them forward.

The first half of REAVER #1 moves swiftly to tell us about the war while the second introduces us to the criminals set to team up. We have Ash who is the noblest of the group. He easily looks to become the voice of reason. Among the rest of the baddies include a sorcerer, a warrior who doesn’t speak, and a brute nicknamed The Devil’s Son. (Let your imagination run while with that one.) The biggest stand out of the crew is an outspoken female skineater named Kaneash. She laughs about ripping off a man’s genitals and she gives off a kind of Harley Quinn meets Arya Stark type of vibe.

The Strange Talent of Rebekah Isaac & Alex Guimaraes

Rebekah’s art is very rich in detail. She definitely spends a bit of time on her character designs and facial expressions. I would be curious to know if she photographs different emotions in order to capture them so brilliantly within her work. Although she illustrates some really good backgrounds, her characters easily steal the focus from every panel.

Reaver #1-The team
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Colorist Alex Guimaraes flourishes with his radiant palette of colors. Throughout the book, he does a superb job of capturing natural skin tones and setting the mood for every panel. The thing that I love most about his majestic touch is his keen eye of detail. Whether it’s a flaming table or a bloody battlefield Guimaraes does a great job at emphasizing the action or character interactions.

Overall Thoughts on REAVER #1

REAVER #1 is a great book with enough interest to bring you back for a second helping. The plot by Jordan mixed with the fantastic artwork by Isaac easily make it an intriguing read. The fact that you have so many unpredictable criminals band together should make for a lot of fun issues in the future. Pick up your copy today at your local comic shop or digital download.


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