GREEN LANTERNS #53 continues "Evil's Might" with a strong and revealing entry. Dan Jurgens finally starts answering questions, and the art team offers another strong entry.
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Answers At Last

GREEN LANTERNS #53 continues “Evil’s Might” with another strong chapter. Dan Jurgens continues to adapt to the Lantern universe, as he starts giving answers to all the questions he’s raised thus far.

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Ignoring Orders

The issue begins with Simon Baz ignoring his ring’s orders to return to Earth, and going back to help the other Lanterns. However, the device then convinces him that the only hope for the Corps lies on Earth. It’s a subtle touch by Jurgens that reinforces the problems the rings have been experiencing for the last few issues. However, we don’t see much of it as the issue shifts back to the Corps fighting the Ravagers.

GREEN LANTERNS #53 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I feel that I’m saying this a lot with this book, and HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS, but the art team really knows how to make a splash panel. The people behind LANTERNS (Marco Santucci and Hi-Fi) displays a cramped but epic spaceship fight that explodes with color and detail. Everything feels really crisp here, and there’s none of the muddiness from the past issues. Everything feels clean and vibrant, and that’s important in a book this epic.

While Hal and Cruz battle within the ship, the other Lanterns have a just as epic fight outside of it. Guy takes on the size-changing Eon, while Kilowog and Kyle Rayner try to evacuate the planet Penelo’s few remaining survivors. Jurgens has the dialogue explain how serious the Ravager’s attack is (the aquatic planet is boiling and contaminated). The two Lanterns work to save as many survivors as they can. While this section is strong, there are still problems that haunt the book from previous issues. First, Jurgens still tends to focus on the Lantern Corps, rather than Cruz and Baz. The art team hasn’t learned how to draw Kilowog’s facial protrusions well either (though they are getting better). Still, the book is making serious strides from Jurgens’ rocky start.

Communications Breakdown

Kilowog, weird protrusions and all, realizes there’s another way to stop the Ravagers. He uses his ring to determine that one ship monitors all the communication between the fleet. He and Kyle promptly destroy it, which wrecks the coordination between the fleet. However, there’s an interesting line from Kilowog, who says he didn’t recharge his ring before entering the fight. Since his ring didn’t show any malfunctions, it might be a clue to everything that’s going on.

GREEN LANTERNS #53 page 10. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The breakdown forces Eon and the Ravagers to retreat, on the orders of a “master” only Eon hears. However, they detonate a ship before leaving, nearly destroying Cruz and Jordan. They manage to escape and start aiding in the evacuation, but Jordan is still concerned over why Baz “deserted” them.

Meanwhile, Baz has returned to Earth, where his ring has led him to a specific spot — the Fortress of Solitude! Baz is understandably unsure about breaking into Superman’s home. The ring plays him a message from Superman, saying he’s been trapped inside. That sets Baz out to rescue him but, as we see on the final page, there’s a lot more then meets the eye!

Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #53

GREEN LANTERNS #53 continues the up-swing Jurgens and crew have shown for the last few issues. Jurgens finally seems to have hit his groove writing for the Lantern universe. He balances building questions and giving out answers a bit at a time. He still needs to refocus on Baz and Cruz but, then again, this story does require multiple Lanterns, so some of that can be excused. The art team continues to be refocused under Santucci. They’ve lost the muddy style they were previously under and got some clean, crisp art to display this story with. They have their own issue in Kilowog, but it at least seems to be getting closer. All in all, this book is managing to pull itself back up and I’m eager to see what they do next!

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