RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 unleashes the beast within as new secrets in Raven’s own life are unveiled! From notable writer Marv Wolfman, the fourth installment of this twelve-issue series turns the focus onto its primary characters — particularly Raven and her mother, Angela.

However, as Raven seems to find much-needed answers, there persists a looming threat of her impending death.

So, how does the latest issue in Wolfman’s series fare?

Well, find out, right here!

raven: daughter of darkness #4
RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Edge of Darkness

RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 opens with an introspective narration from Raven herself. In it, she admits that she has been sensing darkness and fear. Part of her believes that fear stems from the anticipation of her own death, but part of her remains uncertain. She is unsure of when death would come for her and why.

Ultimately though, what she does know is that the darkness she senses is certainly connected to her. So, after the work establishes Raven’s apprehensive state of mind, the issue segues into the scene of a funeral where Raven is in attendance. The funeral is for the grandmother of one of Raven’s friends, but it also serves as an exemplification of Raven’s closeness to death.

Now, to Raven’s surprise, her own mother makes an appearance at the funeral as well. An argument ensues between the two as Angela implores Raven to return home to Azarath with her, but Raven is a stubborn teenager who is adamant in her ways.


A Date with Death

Eventually, as a result of their argument, Raven extracts a series of memories from her mother’s subconscious. In these memories, Raven learns of Angela’s troubled youth and discord with those who were close to her. Angela would express apathy towards all those who were supposed to care for her until she met Raven’s father: Trigon. She believed she met the perfect person until his truth came to light.

This revelation of memories ultimately brings Raven and her mother closer together as there are no more secrets between the two. It also provides more engaging backstory to this series as we gain a better understanding of Angela, a character capable of making a big impact on the events of this series.

raven: daughter of darkness #4
RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As a result, RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 is a strong issue. It does move at a slow pace, but it provides plenty of captivating context primarily within Angela’s memories. Now, perhaps one of the most significant revelations of this work lies in the perspective of Baron Winters, who continues to observe Raven’s every action. He claims that Raven will die on Christmas Eve.

So, it will be interesting to see how this tension between Raven and the embodiment of death unfolds.


Artist Pop Mhan provides readers with some gorgeous panels throughout RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4. Like the narrative, the best sequence lies in the moments between Raven and Angela. Accompanied by a beautiful contrast of blues from colorist Lovern Kindzierski, the sequence captures the grim tone the narrative provokes. Additionally, I love the detail Mhan establishes in Angela’s flashbacks, capturing every significant moment of her origins.

With these brilliant aspects, though, come a few flaws. Mhan showcases his strengths in the more intimate moments between characters, particularly when those moments centralize on dialogue. Thus, sequences that do not focus on dialogue but on action come across as cluttered and lack the detail apparent in other panels.

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Despite this though, the artwork of this issue is consistently solid and cohesive, contributing to some beautiful imagery throughout.

What Lies Beyond

Death is upon our favorite daughter of darkness, but will it ever truly come for her? RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 has given readers alluring insight into one of DC’s most recognizable female superheroes. Now, all the secrets that insight has revealed have come to the surface. Raven knows the secrets of her past and the past of her mother.

As a result, she must unleash the demons within to defeat the evil that is coming for her.

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #4 by Marv Wolfman, Pop Mhan, & Lovern Kindzierski
With awesome development in regards to Raven and her mother, RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #4 sets up some solid new revelations.
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