RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 by Marv Wolfman, Pop Mhan, and Lovern Kindzierski
This miniseries is starting to find its feet, but it's not quite there yet. Raven is a wonderful character, but those around her need more development. The plot is enough to keep us interested, but not captivated. The true standout here is the art, though. The lines and colors work together seamlessly, creating the dark mood we all want from RAVEN.
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Getting There

We all have some darkness in our lives. RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 shows us just how many forms that can take. From death and grief to malevolent unknown forces, the second installment of this miniseries gives us a lot to explore. Warning, there are possible spoilers for RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 below.

Return Of The Creator

A RAVEN series is pretty much every goth, emo, and occultist comic fan’s dream. It has to be dark, it has to have some demons, but it also needs to have heart. So who better to execute this script than one of Raven’s co-creators, Marv Wolfman (also, I mean, the guy’s name is Wolfman. Come on. My inner witch is so jazzed about that)?

Wolfman throws us right into it with RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2, picking up in the middle of Raven’s fight with Azure, which began in the first issue. Horrifying hallucinations are involved (well done, Pop Mhan and Lovern Kindzierski). These many-eyed demons are as terrifying to the reader as they are for Raven.

RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Loss And Its Impact

Afterwards, Raven is sitting in her room, and trying to figure out what just happened, when her friends arrive. They say that Teri, a member of the group, is alone at the hospital where her grandmother is passing away. They all leave to be by her side, and Raven is with the grandmother as she passes, hurt that she can’t do anything to stop it.

In an attempt to create some normalcy, the group decides to decorate a Christmas tree and sing some carols back at Raven’s aunt and uncle’s house. All the while, Azure is lurking around Raven’s room, being all shady. Raven is onto her and follows Azure when she leaves. Raven takes flight and attacks, but Azure is killed by what seems to be her own team before Raven can get any answers out of her.

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Raven then flees, landing in a lab where she briefly catches a glimpse of Baron Winters, whom we’ve seen foretelling that Raven will die on Christmas Eve. She then finds a hidden chamber containing what appear to be test subjects of some sort.

Building To Greatness

There’s a lot to dig about RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2. The art and colors of Mhan and Kindzierski are simply stunning. The sharp lines juxtaposed with the blur of the raven in flight or the poofs of magic smoke are particularly effective, as are the cool blues and purples over the blacks and grays.

The characters are all interesting and likable, but they could use more depth. Many of the friends blend together, and when they do have distinguishing factors, we tend to be told instead of shown. That could, of course, change with time.

Raven is the most vibrant character we see, especially in a moment when she’s pondering over her interaction with Azure. She constantly reminds herself that the way this person looks has nothing to do with who she is, what she wants, or whose side she’s on. It’s a great display of how people should approach and acknowledge their unconscious biases, and it’s nestled into this narrative effortlessly.

RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Raven’s social development is also worth sticking around for. She’s learning to navigate her new group of friends and figuring out how to live with her aunt and uncle. Her empathy always shows through, even when she’s not sure how to respond to people. Her heart is always in the right place, and that makes us root for her.

The plot is still developing, but it’s certainly enough to keep new and old readers interested. It’s not exactly gripping quite yet, but it’s definitely moving in that direction.


Thought this is only the second installment in a miniseries, RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 may indicate some pacing problems with the series as a whole. Some aspects are moving quickly, while others seem to be stagnant.

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As soon as we start to become interested in Azure, she dies. At the same time, not much has happened in these two issues. The story is clearly building towards something, but there’s still a question of how quickly or slowly it will get there. Either way, RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS #2 leaves us with a lot to look forward to in the ten issues still to come!

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