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If you’re ever lucky enough to get a chance to meet Ram V, you need to take it.

ComicsVerse had the opportunity to meet with Ram V at NYCC 2018. He is a delightful and intelligent person, who definitely has the air of a trickster to him. We had the chance to catch up with him about upcoming projects. He also talks about some of his experiences working with comics in India.

Ram V, His Works, Mumbai, and More

Ram talked to us a bit about his big, upcoming projects. One of the most exciting is BATMAN SECRET FILES. Although a lot of it has to be kept hush-hush, we got a little more information about the upcoming story. This comic comes out tomorrow, October 31st, so be sure to keep your eyes open for it!

Ram also talks about THESE SAVAGE SHORES and where the inspiration for the story came from. THESE SAVAGE SHORES is a vampire horror story that sets to devour colonization. An ongoing series from White Noise Studios and Vault Comics, this series is sure to take a bite out of you.

He mentions a few Indian creators, giving readers a bit of a jump-off point for works from other cultures. He talks a little about the subtle differences between Southeast Asian and US comics. This incorporates how GRAFITY’S WALL fits into his works. After a street artist sees his town being destroyed, he decides to paint a mural of his neighbors and friends on the last remaining wall.

The art in all of his stories is absolutely stunning. Dev Pramanik, Sumit Kumar, Jorge Fornes, Anand RK, and Irma Kniivila (to name a few) all do amazing jobs with Ram’s work.

Ram V also alludes to other future projects. But we’re going to have to wait and see what he does next!

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