RAGMAN #4 has Ragman still under the dark training of Etrigan. As demons keep attacking, they also find a piece of Ragman's old life to tear at. Ray Fawkes delivers a tense story of dark magic, schemes, and regrets.
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Demonic Planning
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RAGMAN #4 continues Ragman’s training under the demon Etrigan. As demons swarm around the city, how will the tattered hero fare against them? Find out below!

RAGMAN #4 opens with Rory Regan finishing a battle against multiple demons, with Etrigan watching. Frank and Rory argue about just what Etrigan is showing them and why. This awareness is a nice touch by writer Ray Fawkes. A story like this typically features one character being seduced by the dark side. Fawkes wisely keeps both characters aware of the danger, which prevents them from ignoring the danger of Etrigan. Fawkes handles the Demon well too. He gets the rhyming scheme of Etrigan’s dialogue, but he understands how Etrigan is only helping Ragman for his own needs. It highlights just why Ragman needs to be wary of his “teacher.”

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Fiery War

There is still plenty of danger, though, as a cult of demons is seeking to destroy Ragman. This scene is rendered in horrible beauty by the art team of Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz. They create a scene straight out of a HELLRAISER movie, with vivid red, demons, and a bleeding man held upside down. It emphasizes the demon horde, and also makes it clear why Etrigan is seeking aid.

RAGMAN #4 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The violence continues throughout the book, as Ragman begins experiencing visions of past horrors his cloak has committed. Again, the creative team renders these horrible images with almost beautiful detail, capturing the violence and the horror with precision. It makes the horror fan in me want them to work with LOCKE AND KEY writer Joe Hill and do something REALLY nasty. Still, all of those horrors become moot when Ragman realizes that demons threaten Frank’s family.

Rescue From Hell

This is another part of the book where the art and story intertwine. Fawkes captures Frank’s fear perfectly in the dialogue, while the art reflects that panic in Ragman’s movements. The words enhance the art and vice versa.

RAGMAN #4 page 12. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

That panic gets the best of Ragman though, as the demons surround and beat him while he desperately searches for some sign of Frank’s family. It’s another good move by Fawkes to keep Ragman human in this very otherworldly setting. It doesn’t last long, as Ragman fights back (with plenty of blood involved), and manages to find Frank’s family. However, all is not well as the issue ends. You’ll have to pick up the book to find out why!

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Final Thoughts On RAGMAN #4

RAGMAN #4 works as a strong chapter in the deeper story of Ragman. The relationship with Etrigan has slight growth, but the main appeal is the demon cult and the horror they bring to the table. The art is both beautiful and terrifying, and it becomes a major attraction for the book. Since this is part of a bigger story, it makes sense that this title leans a little heavy on art and action. However, it does set the stage for the next installment quite well. So if you enjoy supernatural horror and superheroes, give this book a try and see if you get hooked!


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