New York, NY–October 25th, 2015–EXIT GENERATION blasts off with its second issue! After a stellar first issue, Sam Read, Caio Oliveira, and Colin Bell are back for more, bringing along a new colorist, Marissa Louise, for the wild ride! This team shows no signs of slowing down as the adventure of Jack and Mo is just getting started! We were very impressed with EXIT GENERATION #1, specifically with its confidence, its pace, its world-building, and just overall top-notch writing. Suffice it to say, anticipation for EXIT GENERATION #2 is quite high. It doesn’t look like, however, that the creative team is backing down from the challenge!

A QUICK RECAP: Earth became too crowded, so ships were designed to carry everyone to safety. The one design flaw: there was only room for 95% of Earth’s population. The remaining 5% actually thrived, building something of a utopia for themselves… Only to have it ruined when one day another race of people came from outer space and kidnapped a group of humans! Among the group, members of the protagonist’s adopted family. Jack (the protagonist) and his adopted brother Mo watch helplessly as their family’s taken away…


With Mo’s family (and several other members of Earth’s very small remaining population) kidnapped by aliens, Jack is ready and raring to kick some green butt. But how are he and Mo going to pursue the extraterrestrial kidnappers? Enter Scrap–a huge, burly salesman who may have just what Mo and Jack are looking for. Will he be able to get them off the planet? Or will that ship live up to its owners name?

Elsewhere on the alien ship, what is to become of Mo’s family and the other humans? Will they really be eaten alive? Can Mo and Jack rescue them before “feasthour”? Or will they have to fight for themselves? Can they fight for themselves? After the Exit, no one fights anymore, so do these survivors have it in them?

The only way to find out is to pick up a copy of EXIT GENERATION #2 when it hits stores and Comixology this Wednesday, September 28th!


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