With B.R.O.D.O.K. standing in the way of a peaceful beach day, the West Coast Avengers must find a way to neutralize him in WEST COAST AVENGERS #4. Quentin goes head to head with B.R.O.D.O.K. and seems prepared to show why he’s regarded as such a powerful telepath. Check out the preview below!



Written by: Kelly Thompson

Art by: Stefano Caselli

Cover by: Stefano Caselli

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If the team thought a 50-Foot Woman version of Tigra was trouble, just wait till they get a load of her “friends.” That’s right, it’s close encounters of the very large and destructive kind as the West Coast Avengers try to save the day from B-moviemonster-sized threats roaming Los Angeles! And while her team takes the direct approach, Kate Bishop finds herself in a compromising position when trying to get ahead of the game… Is she going to end up on the wrong side of this battle?!

WEST COAST AVENGERS #4 Preview Image Gallery

west coast avengers #4 west coast avengers #4 west coast avengers #4 west coast avengers #4

west coast avengers #4
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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