Punisher #6

Frank Castle finds himself in the heart of Hydra in this PUNISHER #6 preview. After blasting through the majority of Bagalia, Frank is imprisoned by Baron Zemo, who doesn’t appear as in control as he would like. Nonetheless, Frank must find a way out. Check out the preview below!



Written by: Matt Rosenberg

Art by: Szymon Kudranski

Cover by: Greg Smallwood

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BAGALIA BOUND! The Punisher is extradited to the worst place imaginable…Bagalia! Hydra Nation itself! Frank’s been in prison before, but he’s about to enter a prison on an island full of bad guys…As Frank enters the lion’s den, Zemo makes his move.

PUNISHER #6 Preview Image Gallery

Punisher #6 Punisher #6 Punisher #6 Punisher #6 Punisher #6

Punisher #6
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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