SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is right around the corner! We have grown familiar with the characters in the main cast, so let’s take some time to meet others from the ensemble, The Prowler.

It seems like Marvel Studios and Sony are pulling in a lot of favorites from the ULTIMATES comics. One of the familiar faces we will find is the Prowler, played by Donald Grover (or Childish Gambino, as you may know of him).


Origin Of “The Prowler”

The Prowler first made his Appearance in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #78. His daytime identity is Hobie Brown, an African-American man who works as a window-washer. Hobie is a genius, but his peers never appreciated his talents.

His alias as the Prowler all starts when one day, down on his luck, Hobie gets fired from his job. Frustrated with his ill fortune, Hobie decides to rob the Daily Bugle. Once the robbery made the news, Hobie was going to “find” and return the money to the city, making him a local hero.

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To carry out his plot, Hobie builds the Prowler suit. After all, the thief’s identity would have to remain hidden. While stealing the Daily Bugle’s payroll, the Prowler is caught by Peter Parker — outside of his Spidey suit. In the fight that ensued, Peter realized he couldn’t win without revealing his secret identity.

Thinking quickly, Peter allowed himself to be thrown out a window. He knew his web-slinging powers would save him. However, Hobie, costumed as the Prowler, believed he had just killed someone.

While trying to escape the scene, Hobie is eventually confronted by Spider-Man. Not having to hold back in costume, Peter manages to defeat and unmask The Prowler. After hearing Hobie’s tragic past, Spider-Man lets the Prowler go, believing Hobie won’t commit any more crimes.

Hobie did turn his life around, marrying his long-time girlfriend and settling down as a construction worker. However, Spider-Man would go back and ask for the reformed Prowler’s help, so he never forgot his superhero identity. The two eventually became good friends.


But Wait, There Is More!

Ultimately, the Prowler would not have just one identity or origin story. In the ULITMATE MARVEL verse, the Prowler’s identity is Aaron Davis. His brother is Jefferson Davis, father of Miles Morales. The two siblings had committed various crimes when they were younger. While Jefferson reformed after meeting Rio Morales and having a son, Aaron continued life on the shadier side as the Prowler.

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Miles, as Spider-Man, would get into altercations with the Prowler, who was in bed with Oscorp and the Scorpion. Aaron would eventually figure out that his own nephew was Spider-Man. Unfortunately, he would also use that information to blackmail Miles.

In a battle between the Aaron and Miles, the gauntlet of the Prowler suit malfunctions and explodes. Aaron dies, but not before shaking Miles’s belief in his heroism. Ironically, Jefferson Davis also blames Spider-Man for the death of his brother.


So Who Is Prowling On the Big Screen?

In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, Donald Glover is set to play the Prowler; but, which one? According to IMDB, Glover is credited as Aaron Davis, meaning he is playing Miles’s uncle.

Does that mean Miles Morales will be coming to the MCU soon? Hopefully! I, for one, would not mind seeing him — with Peter Parker as a young Spider-Man, I wonder how Miles would fit into the universe set by the films.

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In the comics, Miles is a very young teenage and takes over spider-duty only after Peter Parker dies. Peter has largely co-opted Miles’s storyline in the comics in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. It was originally Miles who was recruited by Tony Stark after the Civil War.

Perhaps the appearance of Miles’s uncle and having a younger Peter Parker hints to younger heroes in the future. Miles, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and Sam Alexander (Nova) have all appeared on the Avengers’ roster in the comics. Tiffany Espensen is also cast to play “Cindy” in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Could SILK be coming to the big screen?

Elements relating to the YOUNG AVENGERS have already appeared too (Hi, Cassie Lang!).  The YOUNG AVENGERS storyline has touched with the members of THE RUNAWAYS, and CLOAK & DAGGER. With INFINITY WAR ominously looming in the future, who knows if all our established heroes are going to survive?

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