We are in the Endgame now. The highly anticipated AVENGERS: ENDGAME is about to hit theaters. Eleven years of storytelling in twenty-two films will end Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Everyone, from fans to the filmmakers, wants the secrets of ENDGAME hidden until the film’s release. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have kept details of the plot hidden to ensure a remarkable, emotional cinematic experience. Unfortunately, many internet trolls are actively trying to ruin everything the Russo brothers are saving for the actual film. Uploading unadvertised scenes and spreading spoilers online is a damaging and irritating action that only leads to misery.

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Why Are ENDGAME Leaks Such a Big Concern?

Before ENDGAME’S release, there shouldn’t have been any factual discussions or clips of the unadvertised material released online. The marketing team and directors of ENDGAME are purposely restraining what the advertisements reveal. ENDGAME sets up a cinematic experience full of surprises and twists. Unfortunately, a three-minute edit of significant spoilers from the film has been uploaded online. Fans have been anticipating this film for over a decade. Internet trolls wish to exploit their excitement and ruin the experience for their pleasure.

internet trolls are like the grinch
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Imagine the anticipation of a child waking up on Christmas morning. All year long has been built up to this magical day with excitement and wonder growing each day. Every kid wants to take a peek at their gifts. Nevertheless, no one wants to see the full list of gifts before the holiday. These internet trolls are basically a more pathetic and evil version of the Grinch. They burst into your neighborhood uninvited. All the surprises of Christmas morning are screamed out a week before the happy day. These internet trolls only want to abolish all the fun and excitement of everyone else looking forward to ENDGAME.

Even worse, major news outlets are reporting on these leaks. It’s beyond unprofessional to list out every detail of these leaks days before the film’s full release. These reports solely look to gain publicity about these leaks. These news outlets do not care about the repercussions of spreading information to the public. Simply reporting on the actual leaks, in general, is not an issue. Instead, listing every single detail of the spoilers is a concern. Every news outlet who blindly reports and lists out this information are instantly as bad as their source. All they are doing is adding wood to the deadly fire.

The Spreading Disease of ENDGAME Spoilers

Anywhere you go on the internet now will contain ENDGAME spoilers. All it takes is one evil person to see the first leak before it is removed. This person can spread this information across any source he or she can find. Comment sections, chatrooms, message boards, and all social media sites are infected with ENDGAME spoilers. The internet becomes an unsafe environment when a big blockbuster is about to be released. Fans have a minefield to walk past if they expect to go on the internet within the next week. The internet has made spoilers too easy to accidentally come across. With a press of a button, the high anticipation for a film can backfire for all of the fans thanks to the internet.

Russo brothers letter about spoilers
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The world is growing closer together with the luxury of the internet. Information can spread much quicker to thousands of different sources. One person has the power to ruin an entire film with the high speeds of the internet. Contrarily, spoilers spread through word of mouth and writing before the internet. The idea of a three-minute video leaking part of the film would be impossible without the internet. Spoilers were much more comfortable to avoid without the constant uploads of YouTube and Twitter. There is no way the information could travel across the world quickly enough without the internet.

Many people choose to stay away from the internet in fear of spoilers. Internet trolls are sadly winning at causing misery to undeserving people. The best way to defeat the trolls is by ignoring them, but not running away from the fight. You can stay online; just be careful of what you are viewing. Don’t engage if you find a spoiler and keep scrolling along. Refrain from feeding into the trolls; ignore the spoilers.

When Are Spoilers Okay?

Spoilers are very tricky to talk about. Everyone has different viewpoints on what is too much information to reveal. For instance, one person might be okay discussing everything about the film before its release. Others might not want to know a single element of a film they’re already interested in seeing. Therefore, be respectful when concerned about spreading spoilers. If it’s common knowledge or safe to give away without ruining the film, it is okay to talk about it. Stating that Iron Man is going to be in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is not a spoiler; it doesn’t give anything surprising away.

All MCU movies leading up to end game
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In contrast, going further into the film and talking about the big surprises becomes questionable to point out. There are three periods to consider when talking about content that could count as a spoiler. The first period is before the film’s release before anyone can go out and see it. Nothing shown in the trailers is off limits at this point. Next up is as the film is playing in theaters, with the percentage of people having seen the film increasing. Finally, once the film is released on home media, spoilers become less of a concern. Overall, spoilers become less forbidden once time passes and audiences have a chance to see the film themselves.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME is right around the corner. We have been waiting an entire year for the aftermath of INFINITY WAR. It’s unfortunate that evil people are out there to ruin the fun. Don’t let these leaks keep you down. There are plenty of surprises to come for ENDGAME, which the leaked videos have barely covered. Get excited about ENDGAME! Keep the experience of seeing it sacred for every viewer.

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