Edison Crane’s not content being the world’s smartest man. His brilliant mind needs to be constantly challenged. When the government needs him for one of the greatest challenges of all, will he be up for the task? The dynamic team of writer Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque join forces once again to challenge our minds with PRODIGY #1.
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Edison Crane has a gift. He’s the smartest man alive. He uses his extraordinary abilities to solve problems and mysteries around the world. For Crane, the phrase ‘you can do anything you set your mind’ to is an understatement. Its all in a days work to him.

From writer Mark Millar (KICKASS, KINGSMAN) and artist, Rafael Albuquerque (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, HUCK) comes PRODIGY #1, the story about a guy whose curiosity and mind are bound by no limits. What will be his next conquest? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Prodigy #1

Edison Crane is a wealthy, powerful, and brilliant man. Unlike most prodigies, Crane doesn’t just excel in one aspect of his life, he excels at everything he does. He starts as a child prodigy winning the inter-school polo cup finals. Unfortunately, being outshined by an eleven-year-old doesn’t sit too well with his teenage roommates. He’s also a bit of a jerk which makes him an easy target for them. Crane finds himself getting beaten up by his peers. But Crane exacts his revenge.

Crane’s mind is always thinking about the next big thing. Like most genius’s, Crane’s endless journey for the next challenge leaves him bored and sometimes reckless. After all, a civil person wouldn’t jump across the Grand Canyon on fire like Evel Knievel at the request of schoolchildren. During the course of the story, we watch his evolution from child to adult prodigy. When the government calls him to help with an extraterrestrial mystery, Crane is more than willing to accept the challenge.

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The Inner Workings of the Story

While much of PRODIGY #1 showcases Crane’s intellectual talents, it falls right in line with the typical edgy twists and turns we’ve come to love from Millar’s work. The main character, Crane, may be smart but it’s his curiosity that keeps him moving forward. We see this pretty early on with a flashback involving his mother. We see how much he was encouraged by his mom to stay curious and keep thinking. He’s easily a cross between Russell Crowe in A BEAUTIFUL MIND and Bruce Wayne, except he’s a bit of a dick. Yet somehow, he still makes for an interesting protagonist.

Another intriguing factor is Millar’s choice to make the smartest man in the world a black man. One thing that has always made Millar stand out is his ability to tell a story with very diverse characters. We see this in stories such as HIT-GIRL and REBORN. Millar has a way of handling perspectives and characters that are not necessarily within his norm. This story is no exception.

While the concept of PRODIGY #1 seems promising, the first issue does fall flat a little on character development. Other than some flashbacks of Crane’s parents, we don’t really learn much else about his background. The supporting characters are nonexistent, giving the issue no one to lean on except for Crane himself. There are a few characters that show up and disappear. But perhaps they’ll have more backstory in the future.

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The Dynamic Duo Reunite

Pairing up with Millar for a second go around, Albuquerque brings the same incredible energy and strong pencil work as he did with their previous series, HUCK. Albuquerque has a great vision for body language and anatomy which allows his characters to come to life on the page. One of the most fantastic artistic moments involves a great homage to AKIRA. While Albuquerque clearly shines with his stunning character work, you can’t forget about his jaw-dropping backgrounds and attention to detail.

On To The Next One

Overall, PRODIGY #1 was a pretty decent first issue. Hopefully, we get to learn more about Edison Crane and find some type of nemesis character for him. Despite the need for more character development, PRODIGY #1 is still worth the read. Head to your local comic shop or download your copy today.

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