Who’s ready for a new non-shonen anime?! If you are, then you’re in luck! First published by Futabasha in February 2016, the manga PRISON LAB by Chiso Minase and Kantetsu has been green-lit for an anime adaptation! The anime will be produced by Production I.G. and stream on their mobile app, Anime Beans.


Has anyone ever bullied you in school? Have you ever wanted to tell someone off, but never had the courage to do so? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then PRISON LAB is the story for you! Students always target Eyama Aito as a victim of bullying and as a result, he suffers from severe depression. One day, Eyama receives an anonymous letter inviting him to a “confinement game”. Eyama just sends a person’s name back through the mail, and as a result, that person becomes confined to Eyama’s will for a month.

Naturally, Eyama chooses to confine his biggest bully, Aya Kirishima. With the exception of killing her, Eyama can do anything he wants to Kirishima during that four week period. PRISON LAB portrays the evil that can come of childhood trauma while reminding us that karma can come at any moment. Furthermore, it shows us that our actions have consequences and that karma can come knocking at any time.

Eiyama opening a mysterious letter in PRISON LAB.
Eiyama being invited to the “Confinement Game.” | Image: Amino Apps

So, it’s Not Shonen?

As we all know, Shonen dominates the market when it comes to anime and manga. As a result, not many manga from other publishers get the same attention from anime producers. Futabasha is a smaller manga publisher that began printing PRISON LAB back in 2016. Today, the publisher is still releasing PRISON LAB regularly.

Production I.G. will produce the anime for their streaming app, Anime Beans. Anime Beans streams some popular anime, such as ATTACK ON TITAN, although they primarily focus on streaming original content that they produce themselves. Originally called Tate Anime, the app launched in June 2017, and only featured exclusive anime. During that time, Tate Anime shot anime vertically to better accommodate smart-phone users. Production I.G. shut down Tate Anime in May the following year only to relaunch the app a month later, renaming it Anime Beans.

Excited for PRISON LAB?

Fans of PRISON LAB won’t have to wait very long for the anime come out. LINE LIVE announced on Twitter that the show will begin streaming this winter. That said, Production I.G. still has a lot to do before PRISON LAB comes out. This includes casting voice actors, as auditions are going on now.

If you’re interested in PRISON LAB and haven’t read it yet, you can read chapters for free online at Mangarock and Psycho Play. If you prefer to read a physical copy, the softcover volumes are available on Amazon. Are you excited for the anime to come out? As always, let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Courtesy of Manga Park.

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