Yes, you read that correctly. STAR WARS, while primarily successful for amazing films, is getting a manga series. LINE manga just recently acquired the rights to publish the origin story of Princess Leia. By origin story, this means the time of Leia’s youth and early interactions with the rebel alliance. For those who have only seen the STAR WARS films, this is a part of the story that remains unseen. Leia is a major protagonist of all three films in the original trilogy. Her character is so important to the franchise that she continued to appear via CGI even after an untimely death. Manga and STAR WARS seldom interact, so this is an amazing chance to see an American story done in Japanese style.

STAR WARS, while you’ve almost certainly heard of it, takes place a long time ago in a certain galaxy far, far away. Most people are at least familiar with the high-energy lightsaber battles. STAR WARS centers a lot of its conflicts around Jedi Knights and a mysterious existence known as the Force. Sith Lords use the dark side of the force and are the natural antagonists to Jedi Knights. In the world of STAR WARS, the conflict between these two groups has geopolitical considerations. Characters like Princess Leia are members of a rebel army opposing a massive Sith-led empire. In the original trilogy, the empire is hunting down the last members of the rebellion against them. In the process, they develop incredible technology capable of eradicating entire planets in an instant.

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Sci-Fi Meets Manga

The plot of the manga will be loosely based on author Claudia Grey’s young adult novel, Leia, Princess of Alderaan. The novel was released as part of JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, a set of books and comics related to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. This, of course, means it was published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press following Disney’s acquisition of the franchise. In the novel, Leia has just turned sixteen and learns about her parents’ involvement with the rebel army. Once she decides to join the rebellion herself, Leia finds herself dealing with unintended repercussions. As a young woman, she has to prove her worth to the rebel fighters. Additionally, her first love interest is a staunch pacifist and she has to reconcile her beliefs with her love life.

The manga will follow roughly the same storyline, leading to Leia taking command of the rebel forces. Check out art for the manga below:

STAR WARS' Princess Leia as drawn in manga style
Image: Goodreader

The story segment to be featured in the manga sets up several connections and relevant friendships for THE LAST JEDI. For example, several of the rebel army’s leadership have their relationship to Leia chronicled in some way.

May the Fourth Be With You, Princess Leia

“Star Wars Day,” given the moniker due to “May the 4th” sounding remarkably similar to “May the Force,” is only a couple months away. This is the second time LINE Manga has acquired the rights to a STAR WARS story, the first being a manga version of the STAR WARS: LOST WARS novel. STAR WARS just released a massive film a few months back, and plenty of fans are searching for the origins of new (and old!) characters in the movie. Following Carrie Fischer’s death, viewers will certainly want to learn more about Leia’s childhood as a testament to Fischer’s iconic role as the character.

For manga readers, this represents an important intersection between science fiction and manga. Usually, it’s American producers that adapt Japanese content for Hollywood-style movies. This time, since it’s being done in reverse, it will be interesting to see what the responses are. Are you planning on reading this special manga? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image courtesy of Mashable.

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