After successfully making their getaway from the Rebel base, Princess Leia, Evaan, and R2-D2 set course for Naboo, where there’s a small community of Alderaanians. The community includes a group of musicians known as the Melodic Order who perform at nightclub in Naboo and are seemingly being exploited.

When the Princess and her comrades land, they soon run into an old friend, Lord Junn. Happy to see that Leia is alive, he agrees to assist her in finding the Melodic Order and points her in the direction of the nightclub. Unfortunately, it’s a setup; the Princess is in danger until a fellow refugee comes to her rescue. And while the Alderaanians are able to make an escape, not everything goes according to plan.

The second issue of Princess Leia did a great job with keeping the momentum going from its inaugural issue. The story feels fresh and balanced, and there’s the added bonus of some cheeky humor as well. As far as the narrative goes, it’s strong and focused with just enough backstory per issue to help readers build a better sense of Leia apart from the original trilogy. The dynamics between her and Evaan are being established as well, and it’s nice to see their friendship start to bloom.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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