Finally! DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is back with their season three premiere, titled Aruba – Con. And if you don’t like it, you can get out. Anyways DC started off strong last night no?

THE FLASH had a grand reveal for their antagonist of the season and Legends followed suit with their premiere. But based on the episode, what exactly did we learn about the season to come? Let’s discuss below.

Aruba - Con

Rip Is A Jerk

Seriously. What a jerk. This is a guy, who brings the team together, and who relies on the team he brought together to help save his family, Earth, the universe, etc. And then he goes and creates a radically Men In Black organization to do what the Legends have been doing for the past two years.

Talk about pulling the rug out from under someone. And not only that, Rip fostered this attitude of hatred towards the Legends, so now all of these rando’s who don’t even know the Legends hate them. Way to help the people who literally saved you from being a brainwashed slave to the Legion of Doom. Jerk.

The Main Antagonist Is A Mystery

Ok. So as we found out in Aruba – Con, Rip is keeping the Legends around because of the looming threat of something called Mallus. Which is a nice gesture, I guess? But still, no need to treat your former colleague in such a manner. Anyways at the end of the episode, if you remember, Rip is talking to one of his underlings and tell her that the legends need to stay around because he needs them to deal with “Mallus.” Now after some extensive Googling, I only found two things that pertain to a character called Mallus.

One is the character Karlin Malus, who is a weird nerd from Marvel (which I think would be hilarious if DC just poached him, because copywrite laws be damned). And [spoiler title= Spoiler” style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]the guy who played Constantine on NBC is reprising his role for the Arrowverse this season. [/spoiler]

So clearly either my researching skills have diminished greatly, or Mallus is a creation of the Arrowverse. My guess is on the latter rather than the former, but please let me know in comments below if I’ve screwed up somehow.

Anyways, the idea of having an original character isn’t a bad one. Since there is no comic source to pull off of, neckbeards won’t have anything to complain about, and the writers can do anything they want with it. So the hope at this point is that they don’t create a terrible character. This is, of course, the same group that wrote such lines of “We came, we saw, We kicked Cesar’s ass!” and Rory telling Ceaser “Your salad Sucks.” So I’m sure everything will work out.

Aruba - Con

The Legends Finally Have Someone To Answer To

Let’s be frank here. Despite calling themselves Legends, this team is a clusterf*ck that has operated with impunity for two seasons now. The creation of the Time Bearu changes that, and it’s for the better. Throughout TV history we’ve seen the concept of the free wilding cop work fantastically no?

There are plenty of examples of cop shows and films that worked because the main character didn’t exactly follow the rules or they brought the bad guys down “their” way. Now, the Legends get to use that troupe in their favor, and it should create some interesting interactions and situations for the season going forward.

Final Thoughts on Aruba – Con

So Amaya has stepped up her game right? They wouldn’t show her character unless she was going to be in the show. My guess is she makes her return after Victor Garber makes his exit.

Speaking of, I guess no more Firestorm huh?

Aruba – Con Cesar is funny, I hope they keep him around for a couple of episodes.

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