The new POWER RANGERS reboot film is nearly upon us. Based on the trailers, this movie looks to be one fun blockbuster. It’s brightly colored and the characters actually seem to be teens with attitude. But the biggest feature of the franchise that POWER RANGERS fans enjoy are the fight sequences. We here at ComicsVerse interviewed one of the stunt coordinators for the film, Larry Lam.

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Larry Lam has an extensive resume both as a stunt coordinator and a stunt man. His work goes back as far as the early 90s when he was a stunt double for Leonardo in TMNT: SECRET OF THE OOZE. His more recent work in stunts includes Warner Bros. Pictures’ WATCHMEN, Marvel’s ANT-MAN, and 20th Century Fox’s DEADPOOL. His work as a stunt coordinator includes Universal Pictures’ SEVENTH SON and the Netflix series MARCO POLO. Take a look at what Larry Lam had to say about his role as the stunt coordinator, his feelings towards the POWER RANGERS film, and his future projects.


ComicsVerse: What was it like working on the stunts for the Power Rangers film in comparison to the other projects you’ve worked on as a stunt coordinator?

Larry Lam: I had a great time, the cast was fun to work with and they worked super hard. For some of them, it was their first movie, and they were really keen on learning and listening very well. They trained very hard and, yeah, it was really great.

CV: Could you give a percentage of how many of the fight scenes were done by the actors themselves?

LL: Well, the actors did all the fight scenes, but when it came to the more complex stuff we used stunt doubles – you know keeping in mind the safety of the actors, we didn’t want to hurt them. If there was any chance that the actor could get hurt, we made sure we put the stunt double. Although the actors could do most of the movements, the more complicated movements with flips and twists were done by the stunt doubles.

Power Rangers

CV: The Power Rangers television show typically featured cheesy choreographed fight sequences. For this Power Rangers film, will the fight scenes be more intense and realistic to fit this new serious tone in the film?

LL: Yes, the director (Dean Israelite) wanted the movements to be not as crazy [or] flashy and he wanted there to be not much editing. So the fight scenes aren’t as fancy, and they weren’t enhanced as much as they were on the show.

CV: Is there a stunt that you are most proud of in the new Power Rangers film?

LL: Actually I’m really proud of the jump across the mountain. That was done by both the actors and the stunt doubles. They had to jump 140 feet across from mountain to mountain, almost 50 feet up in the air! The actors were on wires at the beginning, and they jumped maybe 20-30 feet towards the mountain until the footage cut off. Then the stunt doubles jumped all the way across. In the movie, you’ll see it, and you might think it’s fake but it actually really happened. It was amazing.

Power Rangers

CV: Having done work in both stunts and as a stunt coordinator, which role do you personally enjoy more?

LL: They’re different, they’re both enjoyable. There is a lot more responsibility as a stunt coordinator.  It’s a different role, so with it comes a different mindset. I like them both, though, performing the stunts and coordinating them.

CV: Are there any projects that you’re currently working on that you could tell us about?

LL: Yes, I’m working on ALTERED CARBON on Netflix currently right now. It’s a futuristic show, almost like a Matrix-style TV show. It has one of the biggest budgets in history for a Netflix show, so that’s pretty cool.

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CV: To finish off, are there any last words you would like to share with our readers about the Power Rangers film?

LL: Go see it, check it out. It’s a lot of fun. I think people will enjoy it, it was a lot of fun making it.

POWER RANGERS releases in theaters March 24th.

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