From children fawning over its console games to decades-long fans of its competitive scene, POKÉMON is one of the most recognizable anime out there. POKÉMON has grown into a franchise with considerable revenue from games, cards, movies, shows, and even mobile apps.

For those of you who haven’t followed POKÉMON’s many releases, a new film, POKÉMON the MOVIE: I Choose You premiered at the Japan Expo in France back in early July. Since then, the film has only been available in Japanese or with French subtitles. It’s broadly positive reception certainly stems from what separates it from other POKÉMON films. Unlike others, this movie encapsulates the franchise’s main protagonist, Ash Ketchum’s, journey in Kanto, not just one segment of his many adventures.

POKEMON Image: Screenrant
Ash and his trusty pal, Pikachu.

Even fans who haven’t touched anything POKÉMON related in years will find familiar scenes with classic characters within this spectacular cinematic experience. To date, the main series has had Ash travel across 7 extensive regions. Counting regions from side games adds another 5; however, his hometown is located in the Kanto region, so it’s only fair that region would be the first to get its own film.

POKÉMON Company Big Reveal

The Pokémon Company has confirmed the international premieres will be November 5th and 6th of 2017. An announcement late Monday confirmed the new screenings in countries outside of Asia. While individual countries have yet to be announced, selected international markets will be hosting screenings. Check out the full trailer for the film below:

POKÉMON originally broke out into the international market with its Gameboy Color and trading card games. Most recently, games such as POKÉMON Go continue to gain popularity through a myriad of events, promotions, and interactive activities. With this in mind, one might ask what else POKÉMON has to produce. But, like Ash and Pikachu, POKÉMON continues to bring plenty of adventures to keep fans coming back for more.

Featured image screenshotted from YouTube.

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