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The finale of PLUTONA is here and it’s a doozy. PLUTONA is a lovely, interesting take on the traditional superhero tale and this was a fitting ending to the story.

We find out that Plutona, who has been presumed dead since the beginning, is not actually dead and isn’t too happy that the kids have been messing around while she was unconscious. Teddy, the “bad kid” of the group, wanted powers and he thought he could get them by exchanging blood with the hero. Predictably, Plutona was not amused by this and got angry, demanding the kids leave and not tell anyone about finding her in the woods.

Like all good endings, the issue ends on a cliffhanger, when some of the kids see something suspicious – a mysterious fly – when getting ready for bed. It leaves hope for future installments of the series, which I hope are coming someday!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.24.21 PM

As usual, the art is beautiful. It is soft, delicate, and colorful at some points, while dark and frightening in others. Dramatic moments feature dark colors, highlighting the seriousness. Though there are plenty of serious panels, there are also lighter panels that are soft and vibrant, like the panel above.

The writing of PLUTONA has always felt very real and this issue is no different. This includes everything from Plutona’s reaction to the kids upon waking – “You kids need to go home and and never tell anyone you found me out here,” to Teddy’s reaction after Plutona runs. All of the writing feels very intimate, as if you know all of the characters personally and have real emotional ties to them.

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The combination of the writing and art, in addition to the coming of age superhero tale, makes this comic well worth picking up. Thematically, the harshness of growing up is portrayed beautifully with the characters in this book. Growing up is hard and these kids show it without too much sugarcoating. A lot of us out there have probably wanted superpowers growing up (and even now, let’s not lie!) and these kids are no different. Teddy and his friends are hunting for a way to be special, instead of just the boring kids they see themselves as. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. The struggle makes high points so rewarding and low points heartbreaking in the best way.

PLUTONA’s coming of age story and emotional writing are what set it apart from many of the traditional superhero comics. Superhero comics have focused more on drama, action, snark, and, occasionally, the heartfelt moments that PLUTONA is full of. It is a refreshing change that makes this comic stand out above all of the rest.

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PLUTONA leaves plenty of room for future installments. I hope that the creative team makes the decision to add on to this story. It was a wonderful side of the superhero genre that we don’t see often – the humanity of it all.

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