GREEN LANTERNS #51 continues "Evil's Might" with a plodding installment. The art and story improve a little from the previous issue, but Dan Jurgens and the art team still have room to improve.
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Improved Plodding

GREEN LANTERNS #51 continues the “Evil’s Might” storyline, as Dan Jurgens dives into his second issue as writer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t emerge with a truly gripping story.

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The issue begins with an attack on Penelo, an alien world comprised of one large ocean. The eyeball-squid populace (just go with it) is on the run, but their planet’s Green Lantern, Penelops, is ready to meet the invaders.

GREEN LANTERNS #51 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The art team of Mike Perkins and Hi-Fi haven’t completely moved away from the muddy work of the previous issue, but I have to give them points for Penelops. The character’s design shows plenty of imagination, and it’s a unique change from more humanoid Lanterns. It fits well with their style, and gives the issue a much-needed shot of creativity. Penelops works hard to save his people, but he falls to the same mysterious foe John Stewart faced before. The issue then cuts to the main story, with Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz flying an injured Guardian to the med-bay.

Slight Corrections

Dan Jurgens makes a good step here, as he devotes the issue’s narrative POV to Jessica Cruz. Unlike the previous installment, Jurgens focuses on Baz and Cruz here, not the entire Corps. However, he doesn’t bring the same dynamic between Cruz and Baz that the series is famous for. Most of that is due to Cruz’ ring telling her not to trust Baz. It doesn’t go anywhere though, and feels like it’s just floating around to add tension.

The Lanterns get the Guardian to the medical bay, but he dies anyway. Everyone, Lanterns and Guardians, is extremely concerned at both the death and Mogo’s inability to control the weather. Things only get worse as Guy Gardner and Kilowog bring in a near-death John Stewart. The art is still muddy looking, but the team again shows progress with Kilowog shedding some of the “Cowardly Lion” look from the previous issue.

GREEN LANTERNS #51 page 10. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It becomes apparent something is targeting the Lanterns, but no one has any idea what just yet. However, they are ready to do something about it.

Taking Charge

The first step is combining rings to create a dome around the planet. Afterwards, a ring flies back home, revealing the death of Penelops. Baz gets his only real moment here, as he yells at the Guardians for losing control of everything. This could make him more of a suspect for Cruz but, instead, it’s brushed over quickly as the Lanterns fly towards Penelo. This is the problem with Jurgen’s writing here. He gets something interesting with Penelops, but his work with the Lanterns feels dull and overused. The dome and Baz’s “suspicious” outburst all feel like points he had to hit to keep the story going. His advancement with Cruz notwithstanding, Jurgens feels no closer to getting a real grasp on what he wants for GREEN LANTERNS.

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The Lanterns fly out to Penelo, where there’s a touching scene of Penelops being laid to rest. However, we then dive back into more of the same big muddy looking fights, empty suspicions, and a bland teaser for the next issue.

Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #51

GREEN LANTERNS #51 makes some slight headway, but overall, it’s a dull entry. Jurgens feels lost writing for this book; he slightly adjusts his focus, but still falls back on trodden story ideas and a mystery that seems barely thought out. There’s none of the spark that GREEN LANTERNS had before, either in story tone or personality. The art gives this book a few points; Penelops and Kilowog’s improvements show this team is beginning to gel. The story isn’t though. I stated before that I’ve always enjoyed Jurgens’ previous work, and I still hope to see him improve here. At this rate though, it feels that he needs to turn it around soon, or head in the opposite direction.

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