Critics greeted Gail Simone with universal acclaim for her bold and deeply funny PLASTIC MAN #1. Now DC is releasing PLASTIC MAN #2 and based off this exclusive preview, this issue will blow the already amazing first issue out of the water!

Eel O’Brian Bounces Back to Life in PLASTIC MAN #1

Last issue ended with an incredible bombshell. We learned that the Justice League of America may be behind an enormous conspiracy in Cole City. That leaves Eel O’Brian AKA Plastic Man to go full noir detective to uncover this dastardly plot. Plastic Man is interrogating drug dealers, street thugs, prostitutes, old ladies, love-making couples, clowns, cats, even Batwoman to discover the location of Suave Pado Swakatoon, the prince of pine street. If you don’t understand anything I just wrote, that’s fine! PLASTIC MAN is just like the word “wang.” It’s unclear what any of it means or whether it has any meaning at all but just read it and have a blast.

PLASTIC MAN is every bit as irreverent and random as you’d want it to be. Sticking a hero known for his camp and humor in the gritty, degenerate Cole City was a stroke of genius on Simone’s part. It’s as if Eel read one Batman issue and wanted to replicate the experience of that without any logic. The result is one of the funniest comic books in recent memory.

Meanwhile, Adriana Melo provides awe-strikingly detailed and as silly art to pair with Simone’s writing. There is an amazing “Where’s Waldo” parody that can’t be missed! You can also say that you won’t want to miss the rest of PLASTIC MAN #2!  Make sure to pick it up in stores next Wednesday July 11th!

PLASTIC MAN #2 Exclusive Preview

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