Plaid Klaus

This time around at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 I got a chance to sit down and talk to New York City based illustrator and designer, Plaid Klaus. The up-and-coming artist quickly became a favorite amongst the ComicsVerse community while at Wizard World. He was incredibly approachable, amazingly talented, and was nice enough to draw a number of commissions for some of our ComicsVerse people. You can check out his MOON KNIGHT, SWAMP THING, and HELLBOY!

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Plaid Klaus has come on to the scene as a comics artist with his creator-owned work THE GLIMMER SOCIETY, written by James Potter. It is a horror-fantasy comic for lovers of spells, magic, and scary adventures. The story revolves around a group of youngsters who put poltergeists to bed and take care of all kinds of dark magic running amuck in our world. It’s definitely a book for those who want unique, fresh storytelling coupled with incredible art.

Plaid Klaus is also working on another creator-owned work called TURNCOAT with writer Ryan O’Sullivan. The comic tells the story of a superhero assassin named Duke who doesn’t quite have the skills to keep up with the high-flying capes he’s been assigned to kill. It’s a comedic take on the sometimes worn out superhero genre but it’s done with tact and finesse.

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The ever busy Plaid Klaus also gave us some tips for up-and-coming writers, artists, and anyone who is trying to break into the comic book industry. Check it out and be sure to keep up to date on more of his work. We are sure he’ll be big in the upcoming years!

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