The finale of PHOENIX RESURRECTION is here, and it is an event you don’t want to miss! Writer Matthew Rosenberg brings his all to the final issue of the series, and it really pays off. From surprising cameos to absolutely beautiful imagery, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 will leave fans with a giant smile on their face and maybe even a little tear in the eye.

So, in a series that has had plenty of ups and downs, what exactly makes this entry so spectacular?

phoenix resurrection #5
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Old Souls

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 picks up right where the last entry left off. Old Man Logan has entered the diner where Jean Grey works in an attempt to get her to remember who she truly is. In an abrupt act, Logan slices the throat of Jean’s long-time friend, Annie. Originally, Jean Grey’s powers manifested when she witnessed the death of Annie as a child. So, Logan attempts to recreate this moment in an attempt to push Jean into remembering.

I found this moment to be shocking as well as a fantastic callback to Jean Grey’s origins. It’s a sequence that I have wanted to see throughout this series’ run. It is bold and raises the stakes for Jean even more. Her crises have reached a head, and now, she must decide what she is going to do.

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Logan’s actions ultimately pay off. Jean Grey firmly declares that she knows exactly who she is as her eyes burn with power.

Sure, the fire in her eyes is a subtle detail, but it is still incredibly thrilling. This is the moment we have been waiting for. Jean remembers everything, including her awe-inspiring capabilities. She proceeds to make a grand entrance that signifies her true return. This moment is featured in the image below.

phoenix resurrection #5
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Guess Who’s Back

The Phoenix attempts to reel Jean back into its deception by projecting the figures of Jean’s parents and Annie. When these methods fail to work, Cyclops appears before Jean. The two share a tender moment before he whispers, “We were better off dead.” He proceeds to disintegrate into the night.

I find it interesting that Cyclops spoke those words that were creepily introduced in the first issue. Now though, we have a better understanding of the poignancy of those words. Jean is about to reenter her life. The question is though, is she ready to live again?

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It is in that moment of Cyclops’ disappearance that Jean accepts the inevitable difficulties of life. She does not want the easy way out. She does not want to succumb to the falsities of The Phoenix’s illusion. Jean wants to live, and if that means enduring tragedy, then so be it.

So, that is exactly what Jean declares she will do. She is fearless in her affirmations, even when she reveals her truth to The Phoenix itself. This sequence is exceptionally powerful. She says goodbye to The Phoenix and its power because she cannot change her past. Every experience happens for a purpose, even if it inflicts inexplicable pain and cannot necessarily be explained.

Thus, it is safe to say that Jean Grey is an incredibly strong and admirable character. She stands by her truth in this issue and is not afraid to reveal it. As a result, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 perfectly exemplifies the very nature of Jean Grey that has returned to us in full form.

phoenix resurrection #5
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


Everything about PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 is a radical step up from previous entries. My absolute favorite image from this entry is Leinil Yu and Joe Bennett’s depiction of Jean Grey’s true return. I love the simplicity of the fiery background that juxtaposes Jean. Also, the combination of the black and red looks amazing thanks to colorist Rachelle Rosenberg. It exemplifies a darkness that is everpresent in Jean’s character.

Overall, the two create some breathtaking panels. Among them is the illustration of the reunion between Cyclops and Jean. There is a depth to these panels that have not been present in previous issues. Now, that depth elevates each page with much-needed emotion. I especially love the panels featured directly above. They expertly traverse Jean Grey’s evolution through simple yet engaging images.

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Rachelle Rosenberg’s work has been a consistent presence throughout the series. She excels in this issue as well. Her work in the pages featuring Cyclops and Jean is beautiful yet heartbreaking. These pages encompass a balance between sadness and acceptance, an enduring theme throughout this work.

So, as a result of the collaborative work between the great artists of this issue, the artwork of PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 brings the series to a close in expert fashion.

What Lies Beyond

As a huge fan of Jean Grey, I had been waiting for the moments PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 brought us. Jean’s true rebirth was glorious and exemplified her astonishing nature. She is an inspiring character who has experienced tragedy over and over again. Despite this, she is hopeful.

This issue captured all that makes Jean Grey admirable. It also reminded me why I love her character so much and will continue to find inspiration in her. So, even though I was not a fan of the majority of this series, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 definitely left me glowing.

Phoenix Resurrection #5 by Matthew Rosenberg, Leinil Francis Yu, Joe Bennett, & Rachelle Rosenberg
PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 brings us what we've been seeking in this entire series. From unexpected reunions to a lovely revival of Jean Grey, we are treated to something special in this issue.
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