Beware; spoilers for PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 abound!

From intense confrontations to new revelations, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 finally gives readers the answers they seek! Writer Matthew Rosenberg brings new details to “The Return of Jean Grey” saga as he reveals the cause of the strange events the X-Men have been investigating throughout the series.

So, what did we think of these answers to the mystery of Jean Grey’s resurrection?

Find out, below!

phoenix resurrection #4
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The Birth of Something Terrible

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 begins right where its predecessor left off. After experiencing an intense dream with The Phoenix, Jean awakens in a demolished building. She walks down the streets of her neighborhood, but something strange takes place. Her world merges life and destruction, but Jean does not notice. I enjoy this sequence because it maintains the horror element of the series. With this, it also preserves the mysteriousness of the overall narrative.

On the other side of the story, the X-Men have come across a unique structure in the middle of New Mexico. Upon entering it, the team comes to realize that the place is actually a haven for death. Soon enough, they begin battling fallen X-Men. This sequence proves to be especially exciting as the X-Men take on past members such as Icarus.

At this point in the issue, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 has been entertaining and immersive. After the X-Men conclude their battles and encounter Annie’s Diner, the same diner where Jean Grey works, the issue begins to reveal the secrets of the series. Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin.

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The Truth is Out There

Beast devises a theory that The Phoenix has created this strange structure to incubate Jean. As a result, she will become the perfect host for the alien entity. So, this is why the Jean Grey we’ve been following in PHOENIX RESURRECTION has been so unfamiliar with her past. She is living within this structure inside a reality The Phoenix created. Therefore, the strange events around the world the X-Men have been tracking are actually a result of Jean’s internal “cries for help.” So, the X-Men decide to send one of them into the diner to talk to Jean and awaken her awareness. They believe this will save her from bonding with The Phoenix. Though Scott elects himself, the team overrides his decision and has Logan go in.

I found the explanation for the mysterious return of Jean Grey to be a tad weak. PHOENIX RESURRECTION has been a series shrouded in mystery and bizarre adventures. I expected answers of greater complexity than the ones brought forth in this issue. Now, with the final issue upon us, I believe that the series will wrap up all too nicely. It seems as though the conflict we as readers have come to expect will go out with a whimper.

Additionally, I feel as though the issue could have brought more development to Jean Grey’s character. Though we now know why she is alive, I still feel as though she deserves more characterization than a girl in a diner who is experiencing strange visions.

As a result, I am left disappointed in PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4’s long-awaited revelations.

phoenix resurrection #4
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


Once again, the work by colorist Rachelle Rosenberg excels. I particularly enjoy her work in the panels that features the confrontation between the X-Men and the dead. Overall though, I was left disappointed by the artwork from Ramon Rosanas in PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4. The Phoenix did not feel as intimidating as it has in previous issues.

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In many sequences, I felt as though the character depictions lacked consistency. I found this to be especially apparent in the action sequences. They lacked the punch and vibrancy they so desperately needed. However, the sequence depicting Storm utilizing her powers is perhaps the issue’s best page of art. She simultaneously exhibits grace and power.

Thus, the issue as a whole would have benefited from grand images such as that one. As PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 is gearing up towards the climax of the series, the work would have benefited from more immersive panels.

What Lies Beyond

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 has its moments of entertainment. However, the issue’s answers feel shallow. With one issue remaining, I wonder how the series will tie up its remaining loose ends. There have been many strange events throughout the series. So, are the revelations in this issue the only explanations? Are there more to come?

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see in the final issue of “The Return of Jean Grey.”

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #4 by Matthew Rosenberg, Ramon Rosanas, & Rachelle Rosenberg
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