PERSONA, also known as SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: PERSONA, has two amazing games coming out! These new games both allow you to take a break from defeating enemies for some high-quality dancing. And, as one might expect, the tracks and dancers of the game are all iconic additions from the PERSONA series. The two PS4 and PS Vita releases will allow a player to control one of their favorite characters. Then, by following button commands displayed on screen, players will have to match the rhythm and button input.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, PERSONA is a series of RPG, dungeon crawler games. Players are in control of a silent protagonist in a world threatened by strange monsters called shadows. Like in a lot of anime, these are basically creatures manifested by humanity’s collective unconsciousness. The silent, fervent wishes, desires, and pain of people all manifest in PERSONA. While players have to deal with the negative consequences of that, it also leads to some cool outcomes.

Characters from PERSONA
PERSONA’s characters and art style | Image: Polygon

Personas, the main combative tool in the game, are also generated by the thoughts of humanity. Persona’s are essentially manifestations of a users mind, taking the form of historical heroes, gods, or famous criminals. Like the self, they can evolve. Progressing through each game gives the player opportunities to level up their party and acquire more Personas. And, via several social functions in the game, one can recruit supporting NPCs to assist in general game-play.

PERSONA 3: DANCING IN MOONLIGHT and PERSONA 5: DANCING IN STARLIGHT both adapt this concept to dancing. Performing correct inputs often enough can trigger special modes between characters. These moments are all unique not only to the dancing character, but also their relationship with any partner characters.

New Bonus Characters!

By pre-ordering either PERSONA 3: DANCING IN MOONLIGHT or PERSONA 5: DANCING IN STARLIGHT, you’ll get a bonus. Each of the games is getting a unique bonus character. Shinjiro Aragaki will be available for PERSONA 3 and Goro Akechi for PERSONA 5. Even more, both of these characters have unique themes, dances, and co-op scenes.

Anyone who has seen even a few seconds of PERSONA’s games or anime series can tell you that its music is a huge characteristic. It combines a driving, mellow atmosphere with a subtle drive. For an RPG, this makes for a super unique gaming experience. Check out some shots of the gameplay here:

What makes dancing titles like PERSONA DANCING unique is the degree of detail put into character models. First of all, each is based on a specific dancing style. Moreover, there are tons of improvements to previous games for superfluid looking movements. As a result, this makes not only for a better-looking game but an easier one to get into.

Move your Feet in PERSONA DANCING!

PERSONA 3: DANCING IN MOONLIGHT and PERSONA 5: DANCING IN STARLIGHT both release worldwide on December 4th. If you’ve got a PS4 or a PS Vita, you can get the game then. It’s incredibly cool to see characters from iconic series fight. It’s just as cool seeing them in other venues too. Watching fan favorites move to amazing music is enough to make me ready to pick up one (or maybe both) of these titles.

What about you? Which PERSONA character do you want to see on the dance floor first?

Featured image from Polygon.

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