Joining us in Philadelphia at Wizard World 2016 was Pere Perez and Andres Guinaldo, two Spanish speaking artists who have produced some exemplary work for the industry.

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When questioned about if there were any difficulties regarding language barriers, Guinaldo explained that speaking and listening to English.

is one thing, but reading and writing it is a little more manageable. Perez explained that reading American comic books, which helped him learn English, made it not very manageable for him to work with American publishers.

Talking about which characters they were most excited to draw for the first time, Pere Perez spoke of how even though he’s predominantly a Batman guy. He was awe struck by the opportunity to draw Superman because of what he represents to the collective industry. He talks about the weight of having to follow guys like Byrne, Davies, and Adams, all of whom he admired as a kid. With that said, being a big Batman guy, he was very excited to draw him too. Guinaldo talked about how excited he was to draw Batman, and how lucky he was to work on him, and how he wants to return to Batman and work on the character again.

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Guinaldo and Perez told us that they are working with Valiant right now and spending a lot of time there. They’re both enjoying the work load and enjoying the challenges of the Valiant universe.

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