Because Special Edition: NYC 2015 is an event focused on artists and creators, it opens up the possibility for a large range of people to come and promote their work. An example of the great lengths that people will go to visit this amazing event can be seen in the amazing French comic book artist Paul Renaud who is known for his cover art for Vampirella, Red Sonja, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris, and many others. I came into my interview with Paul Renaud interested in two things: his detailed artwork and the difference he has seen in comic book cultures.

During the interview, Renaud gave me insights into not only his entrance into the world of comics but also the ways that he feels the industry has changed in the United States. His foray into the world of comics, however, was not necessarily intentional. As he describes in the interview, Renaud’s friend had submitted one of his drawings to an online message board, which brought him into the world of comic book art; however, he has always enjoyed comic books.

Renaud has done work for Marvel Comics, Basement, and Dynamite Entertainment, but with a very different background and approach. From Toulouse, France, Renaud comes from a culture which supports comics as a high art form. Comics do not have a stigma as being a part of a low culture. However, Renaud emphasized in his interview that although these differences between cultures exist, American comic producers like Marvel are taking great strides to present comics as the medium it is instead of a genre, a very popular opinion among creators and artists at Special Edition: NYC 2015 across the board. His belief in comic as art form can be seen very explicitly in his work, which he also admitted he is quite the control freak about. He loves to pencil, ink, and color his work and as I listened to him describe this process it became very clear to me that there is nothing frivolous about his work. The comic is art to Paul Renaud, and his work is certainly worthy of that sentiment.


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