patsy walker, hellcat, kate leth, brittney williams, megan wilson

Stand back because our favorite kitten from Hell returns in PATSY WALKER A.K.A. HELLCAT #4, written by Kate Leth with art by Brittney Williams and Megan Wilson! We left off with our heroine Patsy Walker beginning her pursuit to turn criminals into money-making superheroes. Unfortunately, she has her own financial woes, as we watch her stumble into a new job as a tattoo shop assistant.

To top things off, Hellcat is still struggling to earn money and the rights to the Patsy Walker books from childhood friend Hedy. Hellcat hasn’t been able to hold down a job since the first issue, and she’s still trying to make progress with her temp agency on the side. The prospects for her agency and love life are slow, but she’s getting there.

patsy walker, hellcat,marvel, kate leth

The only thing stopping Patsy from taking 100% control of her personal life is the return of evil-doer Casiolena. The villain’s plots to recruit criminals for her own army of loyal henchmen are interrupted by Hellcat’s attempts to set them on the righteous path. This issue also features cameos from She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Thor, and Aragorn to help Patsy save herself and her job before she can try saving Brooklyn.

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Brittney Williams’ sleek inks and attention to detail in her characters and wardrobe are smart and keep the story up to date. Alongside her art style, Megan Wilson’s colors help create a fun and colorful environment in the panels to work with Leth’s light-hearted writing. This is a comic that takes place in Brooklyn, so the focus on trends and style in the last few issue have benefitted the story. Everything from showcasing the cast in careers like tattoo artists and local bookstore owners to an abundance of leopard print and hair bleach is perfect for capturing Brooklyn and its community.

patsy walker, hellcat, kate leth, megan wilson, brittney williams, marvel

Kate Leth proves herself to be a great writer in this series, using comedy to win over new fans of Hellcat with this brilliant story. Featuring an all-star superhero supporting cast is also smart because it not only makes the story fun, but also helps reintroduce readers to other amazing characters in the Marvel Universe. These lovable characters help readers get into PATSY WALKER A.K.A. HELLCAT! Although the pacing of the story has slowed down a bit in the last few issues, it’s helped readers catch up on the progress of Patsy Walker’s personal life aside from crime fighting and job hunting, of course. I’m sure highlighting Hellcat’s personal growth now in these issues will make room for more action in the next one!

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