GREEN LANTERNS #47 ends "Ghost of Our Past" with Baz and Cruz battling each other. Tim Seeley has Cruz finally face her demons, while the art team gets a great fight scene to draw.
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Final Fear

GREEN LANTERNS #47 ends “Ghosts Of The Past” with a final battle for the soul of Jessica Cruz. Writer Tim Seeley heightens the emotional drama, while the art team again shows its ease with the world of GREEN LANTERNS. Warning, potential spoilers are below!

Dangerous Past

The issue begins with a brief flashback of Simon Baz and Cruz recharging their rings together. It then switches to Cruz (now possessed by the evil Power Ring) back in her mindscape, about to kill the murderers that worsened her anxiety. Seeley’s using a smart trick here. Showing the relationship between Baz and Cruz emphasizes their partnership and how close they have become. It highlights the emotional stakes Baz has in the battle they’re about to have.

GREEN LANTERNS #47 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The art team (V. Ken Marion, Dinei Ribeiro, and Sandu Florea) excels here too. That lone shot of Cruz emerging from the fire really emphasizes both her power and the danger inherent in her. It’s a great visual prelude to the fight that sends chills down the reader’s spine (though I do find I prefer the Power Ring costume to her usual Lantern garb).

Outside the mindscape, the black hole over Cruz’s apartment has stopped. However, Constantine reveals that they’re also no longer able to communicate with Baz. Worse, Singularity Jane breaks free (since Cruz is giving into her fears) and actually sucks up the Justice League, breaking down the barriers they’ve put around their own pain and fear. I’ve complained about the writers keeping the exact nature of Jane vague, but I can’t complain about how effective she is. The art team does an amazing job at this moment. Jane looks terrifying and the League getting sucked in is both creepy and cartoony. A perfect shot.

GREEN LANTERNS #47 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Constantine and Cruz’s sister Sara manage to escape before the Hellblazer starts using Baz and Cruz’s rings to try and communicate with the Lanterns.

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Mental Battle

Back in the mindscape, Baz is trying to stop Cruz from going after the murderers, since seeing them would shatter Cruz and prevent her from ever trusting people again. However, Baz states that Cruz also wanted to not be afraid anymore. Cruz admits that she saved the Volthoom world to store and then hunt the things she was afraid of. Again, Seeley does a great job highlighting the psychological aspects of Cruz’s psyche. The idea of being so against fear you become warped and dangerous is a very interesting twist for a Green Lantern story. It’s reminiscent of Hal Jordan’s turn as Parallax, while actually psychoanalyzing it as it happens.

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Psychoanalysis turns out to be the key, as Constantine contacts Baz and gives him advice. Baz convinces Cruz that she had rejected Power Ring before. Instead of staying in this world, she chose to be a Lantern and honor her fallen friends. It made her will so strong, her ring allowed her to rewrite it. It’s enough to get Cruz to reject the Power Ring. She also saves the Justice League from their worst fears.

The League erupts from Jane’s body. Cruz is able to banish Jane to the mindscape, where everyone has already given into fear. Baz and Cruz prepare to give the description of the murderers to the police, but there’s already a new threat brewing for the coming issues.

Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #47

Overall, GREEN LANTERNS #47 is a strong ending to a strong story arc. The exploration and meaning of the mindscape add depth to Cruz as a character. The entire story deepens the relationship between her and Baz, while making both stronger in the end. There are some vague elements here. Singularity Jane is never fully explained, and the mindscape can be exhausting to comprehend at times. However, the overall story shows how well this team knows its characters and how to give them great material. It whets the appetite for what’s coming next.

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