A few weeks ago, writer, Andi Ewington, reached out to me through private message after my review of SUNFLOWER and introduced me to OVERRUN.  Ewington accurately described OVERRUN to me as being “sort of like Tron of the Dead,” and that was enough to catch my interest! I had the pleasure of reading issues #1-4 and am more than stoked to share this story with you!

overrun, andi ewington, paul green, matt woodley

Andi and Matt Woodley create a fictional world inside a computer, mimicking our own reality.  Different file types are represented as citizens in the story, where music files dress as their genre and JPEGs represent the file’s image on t-shirts. This world is inside an older computer that is losing memory, forcing the people who reign to introduce a virus to wipe out everyone in it. The virus is found within our protagonist, Cooper, who’s lost his memory and is fighting to regain it during the story. The virus has released itself on to the population and causes the infection to spread throughout the city. Cooper is targeted by authorities, throughout this chase, befriends an eclectic crew of computer game characters and file types.

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OVERRUN offers a great variety of characters in the supporting cast that really drive the story to its success in telling an action-packed adventure. Ewington and Woodley go in depth developing Cooper from the start of the story. Within his progression in the issues comes the reveal of Cooper’s past and their government’s reasoning behind their need to swipe the world clear and start anew. A fantasy narrative like this delivers more blood, guts, and glory in 4 issues than many readers have seen in a while. Not only that, but the writers offer a great amount of clever references (KBs/MBs for currency) and names for locations (The Scroll Bar, CPU Headquarters) to hone the details in the story.

overrun, andi ewington, paul green, matt woodley

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On top of that, Paul Green’s art for such an original story like OVERRUN is beyond a perfect fit and does the series justice. His sleek linework helps enhance the individuality and small details in the character designs in the series. These are characters that are references of videogame characters and rock the latest fashion trends we find ourselves scrolling through on the internet. Green’s dark, yet vibrant color palette brings life to the writing and to this highly imagined computer world. The colliding panels in the pages help create a sense of chaos and urgency to determine the timeline for our cast. The series is creative and falls into its own genre, so it’s only fitting to have a fresh art style that works tremendously with it. OVERRUN is packed with wicked action scenes, and it leaves readers guessing throughout the story’s progression.

overrun, andi ewington, paul green, matt woodley

To learn more about OVERRUN, you can check out the website and watch the teaser trailers, as well as purchase issue #’s 1-4 for iBooks and Kindle!

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