At long last, ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2 has been announced! It’s been three years since the anime finished airing in Japan. And though a second season was confirmed back in 2016, production was halted as it jumped between production companies. In 2017, it was revealed that J.C. Staff (FOOD WARS!, BAKUMAN) rather than Madhouse (DEATH NOTE, SUMMER WARS), was producing Season 2. We’ll have to wait a little while longer, but we’re shaking with anticipation!

Check out the trailer below:

Not Your Average Hero

ONE PUNCH MAN, based on the best selling manga by ONE, is a satirical action anime. It’s best known for poking fun at common superhero cliches and its extremely average-looking protagonist. Saitama is the last person you would expect to be the strongest hero ever. Once a handsome, albeit unemployed, man, Saitama’s desire to be a hero led to months of strength, agility, and perseverance training. This left him a bald, egg-headed, and possibly the most average-looking superhero to date. But his hard work paid off, giving Saitama the strength to dispatch any enemy with just one punch. However, his indifference towards heroism and a lack of worthy opponents have left Saitama bored out of his mind.

ONE PUNCH MAN Image Shows a Hero in Shock

Season 1 adapted chapters 1-36 of the manga. In it, we saw Saitama battle a plethora of villains (some that took more than one punch), involuntarily take on a student, and City A destroyed. Season 2 will reveal the scariest villain to date. Garou, who made the tiniest appearance in Season 1, will start off ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2. Known as the “Human Monster,” Garou is perhaps the only villain who will be able to go head-to-head with Saitama. He holds many of the same abilities that Saitama, does but is more refined in his fighting technique. With such a formidable foe, will Saitama be able to hold his own?

ONE PUNCH MAN SEASON 2 Can’t Come Soon Enough!

Saitama in the ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2 trailer
Saitama is back with more punches! | Image: Bandai Namco

We don’t know much else about the newest season. We can likely expect ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2 to be 12 episodes just like the first. Fan-favorites Genos and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic will also be returning. With so much more of the manga to adapt, it’s great that this hiatus is finally ending. ONE PUNCH MAN is finally settling down into something more serious as Saitama faces bigger and stronger villains. Hopefully, it won’t lose any of the quirky, self-aware humor its known for.

ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2 comes out April 2019. Are you excited for the new season? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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