ONE PUNCH MAN is easily one of the most popular anime to date. Written in a gag manga style, the shows plot line is quite simple. A bald, brightly dressed hero faces off against super villains, aliens, and the evilest creatures known to man. As the title of the anime suggests, the hero, Saitama, defeats every and any enemy who approaches him with a single punch.

For those of you who’ve yet to watch the first season, you’re missing out. The show is a brilliant mix of comic bits and aesthetically pleasing action. It’s satirical and pokes fun at common anime cliches, like the overconfident villain with a tragic backstory. This is executed in a very self-aware style. Because of this satirical nature, ONE PUNCH MAN constantly dismisses the danger to Earth in a humorous fashion. After all, even if it’s the most serious threat the world has ever seen, it only takes a single punch to end it.

Saitama in all his glory.

Even the hero’s origin is hilariously over-the-top. Despite starting off as a regular office employee, Saitama pushed his body to the limit to obtain his power. His secret? One hundred push ups, one hundred sit ups, one hundred squats, and a ten-kilometer run. He repeated this every single day for two years (and never used air conditioning). Eventually, he gained God level strength.

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Some Serious Possibilities

Up until now, ONE PUNCH MAN focused on one thing only: Good ole’ fashioned comedic whoop-ass. But a very legitimate complaint about the show is also its greatest flaw. It sticks to its concept religiously and doesn’t deviate much for any serious moments. I assumed Season 2 would be a rehash of themes from the first season. Just yesterday, however, story creator ONE tweeted a strange sketch of the hairless hero.

Saitama is staring straight ahead, eyes wide, with blood dripping from his hand. Generally, ONE PUNCH MAN doesn’t cover much of the mortality element within the show. When Saitama kills a villain, the circumstances of that death almost always become a pun or a well-timed joke. Having some real confrontation with death or mortality would greatly enhance the second season. The anime will always have comedic elements, and there’s no real issue with that. But, if ONE PUNCH MAN can use its initial popularity to jump into an even higher quality, it could cement itself as a true legend among shows.

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What’s to Come for ONE PUNCH MAN

Madhouse announced Season 2 several months ago and fans expect to see it sometime this year. There is no official release date, but production has begun and loyal fans are being given a taste of what to expect. Early this month, rumors circulated the web about a MOB PSYCHO 100 crossover episode after ONE, who created both series, drew characters from both shows together. Additionally, Bandai Visual recently announced the creation of several ONE PUNCH MAN audio dramas. These will be dropping later this year and feature the Japanese voice actors. Each character will have a featured song, and the dramas themselves will focus on events from Season 1.

Ultimately, this is all great news. With the release of Season 2 a few months (fingers crossed!) away, fans are still getting their fill of content, interesting rumors, and announcements. All that’s left to do now is let that excitement build and eye guzzle the first episode as soon as it’s released.

Images screenshotted from Crunchyroll

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