I wrote article yesterday on pirated comics I knew it would not be met with huzzahs from all corners. Disagreement seemed guaranteed to occur with such a contentious issue.

Not anticipated? A previous editor making pirated copies of a comic available to participants in a podcast. I did not participate with the podcast in question nor did I have any kind of leadership role at the time. I have no idea how widespread this behavior was. Given life being what it is, I assume this was not the only time, unfortunately.

Had I been aware of it, I would have made space in my article to acknowledge and discuss it. It is just as frustrating to me, if not moreso, to find out this information after the fact. However it did occur and I do feel the need to speak on it now.

Our Policy on Pirated Comics Going Forward

For my part, the couple of ComicsVerse podcasts I participated in, I either read the comics from my personal collection or used the ComiXology gift card that had been provided to me by ComicsVerse to buy the issues in question.

All previous EiCs are no longer with ComicsVerse. While I disagree with the choices they made, there is literally nothing I can do about it. Those podcasts are recorded, those editors are gone, those pirated comics already used. I can only pledge to do better and that is what I’m doing.

Sometimes this will cost us. For instance, you won’t see any podcasts in the near future. I am basically paying for this site out of my own pocket these days and I cannot afford to pay for the comics for participants to read or, indeed, pay the participants for their time. For now, we are a writing only endeavor.

Moreover, we do not provide pirated copies of books to our writers. We utilized review copies provided by companies or creators or, just as often, comics bought by the writers themselves.

I cannot roll back the past and fix errors others may have made. Time, as they say, only moves forward.

All of this said, the mistakes of ComicsVerse do not justify your current actions. You cannot handwave away your choices or the points made in my piece by saying, “Yeah but look at what that site did while other people were in charge of it.” Own your stuff. You made your choices, you are responsible for them. If only you can come up with to argue against my points is “whataboutism” it may be a sign that your choices aren’t justified.

So, to make it clear, the past actions of ComicsVerse were not my choices. I disagree with them and we regret them as an institution. We are no longer trafficking in pirated comics. None of that undermines the arguments I made in the article yesterday. Feel free to disagree with them and make your own arguments. Forgive me, though, if your finger pointing and refusal to take responsibility for your own choices leaves me and ComicsVerse unpersuaded to your point of view.

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