Olympus’ Forgotten Children

Welcome to OLMYPUS’ FORGOTTEN CHILDREN! This has been a long and arduous passion project for myself, Kenny Coburn, and my longtime friend, artist extraordinaire Kyle Gastaldo. After a lot of work, and a lot of time spent realizing exactly how much goes into making a single 22 page comic (it’s a lot), we finally have something we are extremely proud of. It’s a project that began as a faint idea that we wanted to try and make a comic because we love the art form and it has transformed into something neither of us can get enough of. We love making comics.

If you enjoy the story, please share and help support OLYMPUS’ FORGOTTEN CHILDREN at our GoFundMe page at https://www.gofundme.com/9hruuk9w Each donation will help us to continue to bring OLYMPUS’ FORGOTTEN CHILDREN to you FREE on ComicsVerse.

If you don’t like it, share it with your friends anyway. They’ll like it.

If you don’t have any friends, find the nearest person to you and tell them about it. Helping us spread the word any way you can is appreciated by everyone on the project more then we could possibly convey here. Now, to the actual story.

OLYMPUS’ FORGOTTEN CHILDREN is our response to the Superhero genre trope that there are people out there with super powers who are above corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never has this been truer than in the world of OLYMPUS’ FORGOTTEN CHILDREN.

The government has spent a massive amount of money creating a superhero serum to use in war. To pay off their debt, the serum was sold to the highest civilian bidders. Those who bought the serum quickly turned on the world and began to take everything for themselves. Now, three of the world’s forgotten children, Monya, Baxter, and Kiarynn, are willing to do whatever it takes to take back the planet and recreate it into the fading memory of how it was in their childhood. Enjoy.

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