OMQ #2

Starlord returns to a very different Earth in this OLD MAN QUILL #2 preview. Doctor Doom is on a war path for the planet and the Fantastic Four can’t hold him off alone. Unfortunately, the Guardians of the Galaxy don’t appear able to help. Will Doom lay waste to the whole planet, or can anybody stop him? Check out the preview below!


Old Man Quill #2


Written by: Ethan Sacks

Art by: Robert Gill

Cover by: John Tyler Christopher

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IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING! PETER QUILL returns to Earth…but a lot has changed since he was last there. As Peter reacquaints himself with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, he’ll find it’s difficult to pick up where he left off. But they’ll have to figure it out quick, as A DEADLY ENEMY is closing in…and: What happened to the AVENGERS?

OLD MAN QUILL #2 Preview Image Gallery

Old Man Quill #2 Old Man Quill #2 Old Man Quill #2 Old Man Quill #2 Old Man Quill #2

Old Man Quill #2
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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