Marvel has announced an OLD MAN HAWKEYE by New York Daily News writer Ethan Sacks and artist Marco Checchetto. This is welcome news to people, like me, who hold Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s OLD MAN LOGAN on such a high pedestal, as well as for fans of Jeff Lemire’s recent run. This series will serve as a prequel to the classic graphic novel, so as not to disrupt its continuity. Marvel has revealed that this series will take place 45 years in the future and follows Hawkeye on a mission to “avenge his fallen teammate.”

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OLD MAN HAWKEYE Prequel Series

People remember OLD MAN LOGAN for its plot, stylized violence, and of course for Wolverine. However, people don’t talk about how great Hawkeye is in that story. The tragedy is that the villains don’t even think it is worthwhile to kill Hawkeye. He is spared because he is deemed the weakest Avenger, not even worth spending time on. To realize that the only reason your friends are dead is because your enemies considered them better than you could really mess with a person’s mental state. He must wonder why he is alive when Iron Man, Captain America, Thor have all perished. I think there is great opportunity to explore the complicated emotions Clint must be feeling.

It’s also a very exciting creative team that is working on this 12-issue series. Ethan Sacks already covers comics in the Daily News and as Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada says, “he’s a certified nerd.” Furthermore, Marco Checchetto has been absolutely killing it with spectacular art on STAR WARS: CAPTAIN PHASMA. This is more than enough to make me especially enthusiastic about this new series.

Hawkeye is now the last Avenger; the final relic of a team that stood for heroism and good. Will Clint be able to honor the legacy of his friends and fellow heroes? Will he demonstrate to the villains the truth behind the team’s namesake? Sacks is set to discuss more details about OLD MAN HAWKEYE at the MARVEL LEGACY: X-MEN panel at New York Comic Con!

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