OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3 hints at many former storylines in Marvel, showcasing how vast this dystopian world really is. Ethan Sacks flexes his writing muscles with intriguing character dynamics, while Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa continue to make this such a beautiful book.
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OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3 is a world building comic book. We’re given a brief glimpse of The Wastelands from Mark Millar’s “Old Man Logan,” but here, writer Ethan Sacks builds upon such great intricacies to make this world seem alive. Of course, the artwork of Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa makes this possible. These two make the interactions between Clint Barton and the remaining jaded heroes and villains gritty and raw. OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3 keeps up the steady pacing of this series and continues to make this one of 2018’s greatest comics.

Hawkeye is on the Hunt!

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Last issue ended with Clint reaching Murderworld after a tip from Orb on the whereabouts of The Big Man. We learn The Big Man is no other than Atlas, Hawkeye’s former Thunderbolts teammate. This is a huge callback to when Hawkeye led this team of redeemed villains in the late 1990s. And what an intriguing callback! Remember, this world came into creation because villains took over the world. Where did that place the Thunderbolts? Well, as Atlas states, “Heroes saw me as a Master of Evil, the bad guys saw me as a Thunderbolt…”

It becomes clear Atlas betrayed Hawkeye and other heroes during the final battle. I like this a lot, for it brings up interesting dilemmas of morality. The Thunderbolts are attempting to redeem themselves, yes, but when it comes to a matter of survival, who can be shocked they returned to their former roots? Clearly Hawkeye is bitter about it, as he engages in combat with Atlas after this heartfelt conversation.


The fight scene is engaging enough. Atlas trashes the carnival and Hawkeye runs about like a maniac until finally firing a trick arrow that incapacitates Atlas. Then, in cliche fashion, Atlas tells Hawkeye to finish him, and the archer obliges. Atlas clearly feels guilty. However, not exploring this guilt is disappointing. Atlas is killed off just a bit too quickly in OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3 for my liking.

Bullseye is ALSO on the Hunt

During all of this commotion, Bullseye is still in search of Hawkeye. In a very gruesome scene, we find Bullseye essentially dissecting Orb on an operating table. During this ‘procedure,’ Bullseye blows off Red Skull, showing a great dichotomy between these two villains that will no doubt bring up issues later in OLD MAN HAWKEYE.

Again, this is where Ethan Sacks excels: he creates these tiny pockets of dialogue that are engaging and hint towards a greater and more in-depth story. Will these dialogue pockets be capitalized upon? I have a feeling they will. The issue ends with Bullseye finding Atlas’ dead body and proceeding to search for remaining Thunderbolts members.

The Artwork of OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Marco Checchetto’s drawings are chilling. Part of his job in this comic book is to portray aged heroes. He’s done this with Hawkeye, but his depiction is a bit glorified. However, when we see Atlas, we see a ragged old man with hollow eyes and regret painted across his countenance.  These heroes have been through even more than our mainstream ones in the standard Marvel Universe, so these deep portrayals really add layers.

Checchetto’s fight scene between Atlas and Hawkeye is exciting but, as mentioned, a bit rushed. It’s a tad confusing to follow at times, too. Ultimately, however, Andres Mossa’s color choices save this scene. His choice of hazy hues adds a lot to the murkiness of The Wastelands, and his choice of green to display Hawkeye’s trick arrow really pops on the page.

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What to Expect Next

OLD MAN HAWKEYE truly is a great monthly series. Each issue has a strong amount of content. The cliffhangers at the end of each issue aren’t the type that leave readers frustrated; rather, the ending leaves us with both satisfaction and desire. I’m very curious if Red Skull will make a physical appearance, and I’m particularly curious what the showdown between Hawkeye and Bullseye will be like. Plus, of course, we have the Venoms roaming around in the various backgrounds of OLD MAN HAWKEYE #3. I can only see this series getting more and more violent and intense.

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