Are you a hero who just went through a long battle in the Danger Zone? Looking to stock up on Supermilk, Meat-OnA-Bone, or maybe some Dynamite? Then come on down to Gar’s Bodega in Lakewood Plaza Turbo! Located on route 175 in the Neutral Zone and the setting for Cartoon Network’s newest series, OK K.O.! LET’S BE HEROES!

This has been a Long Time in the Making!

The series started off as an 8 minute short for the Cartoon Network summer shorts project back in 2013. Unfortunately, the pilot was not picked up and for awhile it seemed like it never would be.

Then almost out of nowhere, OK K.O.! was available on your smartphone. OK K.O.! LAKEWOOD PLZAZ TURBO is a brawler style app game and the first in the LAKEWOOD PLAZA TURBO franchise.

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Creator Ian Jones-Quartey and Double Stallion developed the game, and it was published by Cartoon Network. The free game became available for the iOS & Android on February 4th, 2016. You can still download it here!


Still no show though. Later, Cartoon Network produced a series of OK K.O.! mini webisodes. Each episode was created by a different animation company. So close to a series! Finally on August 1s,t 2017 OK K.O! Let’s be Heroes premieres.

Ian Jones-Quartey is Awesome!

Wallow with his lil buds!

Over the last decade, Ian has worked on multiple animated series. Including ADVENTURE TIME, STEVEN UNIVERSE, SECRET MOUNTIAN FORT AWESOME, and VENTURE BROS! He is a Writer, storyboard artist, animator, supervising director, storyboard supervisor, and revisionist. He is even a voice actor, voicing the characters of Wallow from BRAVEST WARRIORS and even his own character Rad on OK K.O.! Ian is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s about time he had his own series!

Heavily Influenced By Videogames & Anime

Throughout the story, Heroes literally try to power up to the next level even obtaining their own trading card after reaching level 1. Many of the characters are homages to famous video game series. The too cool for this cashier Enid at Gar’s Bodega is heavily influenced by STREET FIGHTER’S Chun-Li. The Boxmore staff, the villainous shop across the street from Lakewood Plaza Turbo, is heavily influenced by the designs of the robot masters from MEGAMAN.

While many other characters are strongly based on anime. Ian has stated before that the series gets a lot of influence from the world renowned anime DRAGONBALL. The appearance and power moves of the bodega employee, Rad, are very similar to Piccolo. The biggest tribute to DB has to be K.O. himself. Not only is he is similar in appearance and attitude to a young Goku, but is also voiced by Stephanie Ann Nadolny who has voiced both Kid Goku and the child version of his son, Gohan.

K.O. Is The Best!

The series is focused around the newest employee of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, K.O. He wants nothing more than to be the greatest hero ever, he just doesn’t know how to be one yet. K.O. decides to work at Gar’s Bodega, this way he can train hard and become the hero he wants to be. This is why K.O. is the best, like any little kid he has ideas of grandeur that he can become this super powerful person overnight (possibly through a Sailor Moon like transformation).

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But he has enough common sense to realize that if you want to be stronger, you’ll have to work at it. As the newest employee of the bodega, K.O. is always eager to prove himself. The best part about him? He always wants to help no matter who you are! There is a lot of down to Earth wisdom in this series, and K.O. is the moral fiber that ties it all together.

Plus look at that face!

Make sure to check your local listings for new episodes of OK K.O.! LET’S BE HEROES!

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