Please note, this TWD review has comic and show spoilers.

So here we are, four episodes into THE WALKING DEAD season eight, or TWD for short. And what a doozy it’s been. Our (my) hero Negan has been beset by the ungrateful leaders of the three rebel colonies. The world has now been plunged into chaos, and the Widow, Rick, and The King will meet their just end.

Just kidding. I won’t write this article from the viewpoint of a Negan lover, even though that’s what most of you want. We’ve got a couple of trigger-happy snowflakes who read these things, and as we all know, a bad apple spoils the bunch. Anyways, here are a few observations about the season so far; which, in my mind, is slowly proving itself to be one of the most entertaining.

TWD’s All Out War is, for the most part, All Out War

That’s what this season seems to be right? An episode hasn’t gone by without a fight between the three communities and The Saviors. If you follow the comics, that makes total sense….this season is following the aptly titled ALL OUT WAR arc.

Although the show (and the comic for that matter) tends to focus on character arcs and development, All Out War is precisely that and then some, so expect more of the same, at least until the mid-season finale. From what we have seen so far, character arcs, for the most part, have played out as they have on the page. Maggie has finally taken control of The Hilltop, Shiva sacrificed herself for King Ezekial, and Dwight’s defection is all but assured.


While those three arcs are essential, there have some stark differences between the show and the comic. The most prominent one is Eugene. Now, his character has not been given a lot of screen time this season. But between this season and last, one can say the show has diverged pretty heavily in his storyline up to this point. Firstly, there is the question of his allegiance.

The Eugene in the comics is the Eugene we hope we’d all be in that situation. Fighting for what he thinks is right, refusing to make bullets for Negan, and eventually escaping The Sanctuary. The Eugene in the TV show is the one that most people would actually be. He gives in to Negan, he makes life easy for himself, and he essentially abandons his old life at the expense of the people that used to be his friends.

This deviance from Eugene’s comic arc works wonders. In the show, Eugene has essentially been proven a coward since he revealed to Abraham that he was lying about having a cure for the Walker Virus. A sniveling, worming weakling, Eugene has proven himself time and time again to be someone who only cares about his own well being. Rick & Co.’s attitude toward their former friend was revealed in the first episode, and it highlights the stark contrast between the tragic yet admirable Eugene of the comics and the tragic and gross Eugen of the show.

Then there are the “Garbage People.” You know those people who decided that after the world ended, they could go anywhere in the world and chose a junkyard? Well,  as it turns out, Jadis actress Pollyanna McIntosh revealed that the group’s name is the Scavengers, who primarily were in the comics the group that The Wolves were in the TV show.

And before anyone comments that Pollyanna said this back in February, I don’t want to hear it. I stay as far as I can from Talking Dead. Case and point, they had “rapper” Lil’ Jon on as a guest last night. Do you think that guy knows what going on in that show, let alone his own life? I don’t. Plus I try my hardest to avoid spoilers. So there.

Now that I have learned this news and opened myself up to reading theories about it, it seems as though the most prevalent rumor going around is that these Scavengers are the Whispers from the comics. The Whisperers is the next group Rick & Co. face after they defeat Negan, so it is entirely possible.


Let’s Go Back

This might be a cop-out considering how often TWD does this, but I don’t care. Just start the damn episodes at the beginning, would ya please? From start, to end. It’s not that difficult. Maybe its just because “Some Guy” started off in another time and I’m still seething over it. But this whole starting in either the past or in the future, then having the bulk of the episode fill in the blanks just needs to stop.

That method of using flashbacks can envoke a wide range of emotions if used sparingly. It seems, however, that TWD has begun using it a crutch. Let’s call a spade a spade here. TWD, with all of their characters and storylines, can be a challenging show to follow. AMC understands this. In fact, that’s why they replay the series throughout the week leading up to the new episode. And, the people who watch the show watch it religiously.

So, stop making it difficult to watch the show! It’s an enjoyable show, don’t get me wrong. But something is annoying about having to pay attention to every little detail just to make sure you understand what is going on. Maybe this is just the millennial in me, but it’s a bit much. I’m not a fan of having to rewatch an episode 2 or 3 times to make sure I’ve got everything.

In Conclusion

After last season’s drag fest, the start of season 8 is a welcomed change. TWD is a story about people struggling to live in a new world. But, sometimes you just want to see some zombies…and some guns. Personally, I would love it if Negan just defeated everyone and the show started following him. But that’s probably not going to happen, so I’m glad the show is at least making lemonade out of lemons.

There are only two ways I see this season progressing from here on in. Either the whole season is devoted to the All Out War arc, or Negan is in his jail cell by the end of the midseason finale. Given that we are halfway through the first part of the season, I don’t see that happening. TWD loves to draw things out, and a final “clank” on Negans cell as the door closes would make a fitting end.


  1. Alasdair Thornton

    November 20, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Of course it’s Rick’s story! I’m sorry if you misunderstood my joke about the show killing off Rick and following Negan! In my opinion, Jeffery Dean Morgan’s Negan is the best character on the show, so that is where the joke came from.


  2. Christina Lee

    November 19, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    So how long have you been following the show to suggest everyone die and then start following Negan? Charming as he may be he falls flat plus before you state read the comics, I have, this is the show completely different, thank god! Otherwise it would be boring and we could just read the comics. As much as I’m sure some LOVE Negan this is Rick’s story of survival.


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