OBLIVION SONG #4 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici
OBLIVION SONG #4 works wonders in terms of pushing the story forward and continuing to build up the world and its characters. This is probably the strongest issue of the series thus far.
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A Big Step Forward

Writer Robert Kirkman and artist Lorenzo De Felici enhance their new world even further in OBLIVION SONG #4. As the story nears the ten-year anniversary of the Transference, new revelations are coming to light. Nathan knows there’s a group of survivors out there. He just has to find them. Easier said than done.

As Kirkman and De Felici dive deeper into the world of OBLIVION SONG, Nathan faces off against this secretive group of survivors, and Duncan deals with his demons that just won’t go away.

Overall, Kirkman continues to deliver a compelling story in OBLIVION SONG #4. And, to go right along with it, are De Felici’s spectacular pages.

The Plot Thickens in OBLIVION SONG #2

Diving Deeper into Oblivion

Previously, Nathan encountered a rather hostile survivor in Oblivion. This survivor took one of Nathan’s teleporter darts back to the larger group of Oblivion survivors, whom Nathan believes are led by his own brother, Ed.

Back in the real world, the ten-year anniversary of the Transference is coming up. Nathan is less than thrilled about that. Meanwhile, Duncan is still dealing with his PTSD. Even though it’s been years since he was saved, he shows no real signs of getting better. Bridget is growing increasingly worried with this. She does her best to support him, but there’s only so much she can do.

So, at first glance, it may seem like not a lot happens in OBLIVION SONG #4. But, really, this issue features some of the most important development in the series thus far. Not only do we get a look at the Oblivion survivors, but we also delve further into Duncan’s condition and learn a bit more about Bridget. It’s subtle plot progression like this that really helps a story grow. Plus, when Nathan returns to Oblivion, he is attacked by the group of survivors. From there, OBLIVION SONG #4 ends on a solid cliffhanger, which should definitely leave readers ready for the next issue.

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A Stressful Life

OBLIVION SONG #4 most strongly deals with the lingering pain the characters deal with because of the Transference. At the first mention of the event, we see Nathan begrudgingly going about his morning routine and quickly turning off the news broadcast about the event. Though Nathan may not deal with the same trauma as Duncan, he still has a huge personal stake in Oblivion, and that is what entirely drives him forward.


Speaking of Duncan, he goes through a bit in this issue. First and foremost, he wakes from a traumatic nightmare, shouting about creatures being everywhere around him. He causes a lamp to fall over and scares the crap out of Bridget. Though this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the effects of Oblivion on Duncan, this is by far the most extreme occurrence yet in the story. I share Bridget’s fear of things only getting worse for Duncan.

Bridget mostly has been in the background thus far, but in OBLIVION SONG #4, she gets a bit more of a spotlight. Given that she directly supports Duncan, it’s appropriate for her to be more prominently featured in this issue. Her character is very much in a supporting role, and she highlights the difficulties of being in that role in this issue. She’s proving to be a very strong, resilient character, though, and I hope Kirkman continues to build her up as such moving forward.

Stepping Up the Artistic Game

Lorenzo De Felici has proven he’s got a great knack for capturing the essence of OBLIVION SONG. He continues this trend in OBLIVION SONG #4, but now, there are some more refined elements to the artistic storytelling.

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The most notable aspect is the way De Felici draws his characters in this issue. Previously, they’ve looked sort of messy and imperfect. That concept is still there, for sure, especially in panels that capture multiple characters or single characters at a wider angle. However, close-ups of characters have been markedly improved. The colors and lines are much smoother, which helps the characters look more expressive and open.

I think this is the first time we really get to see Duncan’s eyes. His glasses usually hide them. When he wakes up from his nightmare, his face is in full view, including his eyes. He’s extremely emotive, going through varying emotional states. That scene, in general, is filled with emotion, and De Felici perfectly captures it.

The misshapen nature of Oblivion remains, however, which is absolutely a good thing. In fact, much like the characters, Oblivion even looks a bit more refined in this issue. The areas we see in OBLIVION SONG #4 are some of the most creative, and the creatures look as good as ever.

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Though the series is still relatively new, this is easily De Felici’s best issue yet.

OBLIVION SONG #4 Promises So Much More

The ending of OBLIVION SONG #4 is, as previously mentioned, quite the cliffhanger. It’s not absolutely mind-blowing, but it smartly sets up the future of the story. It may seem obvious how the story is going to progress from here, but with Kirkman, you never know. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw a massive curveball at us moving forward.

OBLIVION SONG #4 goes a long way to set this series apart from Kirkman’s other work. The story, world, and characters are continually growing. This issue takes everything a step further, and leaves you wanting more.

De Felici absolutely rocks this issue. These are some of his best pages thus far, and I’m excited to see how his style might continue to evolve over the course of this story. There’s a lot of room for him to experiment and try new things in the world of Oblivion.

If you’re not reading OBLIVION SONG yet, OBLIVION SONG #4 might be one of the biggest reasons you should start. And, if you are following the series, good on you. Go pick up a copy of OBLIVION SONG #4, pronto!

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