OBLIVION SONG #2 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici
OBLIVION SONG #2 builds upon everything introduced in OBLIVION SONG #1. The plot moves along in a smooth, character-driven way. I'm eager to see what theories fans come up with after this issue because there's a lot to speculate about.
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Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici keep the ball smoothly rolling with OBLIVION SONG #2. Following the successful launch of this new series, OBLIVION SONG #2 features tons of world building, strong character development, and a great deal of plot progression.

Previously, we were introduced to Nathan, his friends Duncan and Bridget, and the world of Oblivion. Philadelphia was transported to the dimension known as Oblivion about ten years ago. Nathan and his friends work to save whomever they can from the harsh landscape, despite a lack of funding and odds steeped heavily against them.

OBLIVION SONG #2 builds on everything introduced in OBLIVION SONG #1. The plot is starting to thicken into what could very well be a conspiracy revolving around Oblivion and its connection to the Earth. As with the first issue, there’s a lot to digest with OBLIVION SONG #2, so let’s get to it.

Enter Oblivion in Robert Kirkman’s OBLIVION SONG #1

Ever-Growing Wonder in OBLIVION SONG #2

As with most of his work, Kirkman does a great job of building the fictional world of his story in OBLIVION SONG #2. We already got so much info in OBLIVION SONG #1, and OBLIVION SONG #2 only adds more to the structure of the story.

The first few pages show Nathan leading the people he saved in the first issue through a museum dedicated to the victims of Oblivion. Here, we get a lot of exposition from Nathan about the Transference event, people’s first moments in Oblivion, and a particularly massive monster. This all goes a long way to further encapsulate readers in the world of OBLIVION SONG.

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However, as we saw at the end of OBLIVION SONG #1, there aren’t just a few survivors in Oblivion, there’s actually a large group of them, and they’re watching Nathan. Not only that, but apparently Nathan’s brother, Ed, might be leading them. Nathan’s survivors tip him off to this, and that these people don’t exactly want to leave Oblivion. I can only imagine the potential theories that might spawn from this plot point.

Of course, Nathan’s path is clear: he has to find these people. But, that’s not the only major plot point of OBLIVION SONG #2. We get more details about characters like Duncan and Bridget, as well. Not only are they partners, but they’re actually married. Since Duncan was lost in Oblivion for so long, though, Bridget decided to move on, romantically. But, of course, Duncan came back, so you can imagine how this might complicate Bridget’s life.

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A Character-Driven Story

Clearly, there are a lot of moving parts in OBLIVION SONG #2. Between building the world and all of the characters, there’s a lot for Kirkman to manage in terms of storytelling. But, he handles it all without flaw. Frankly, it’s no surprise that Kirkman makes it look easy to juggle so much all at once. He writes THE WALKING DEAD. That series has more plot points and characters than I care to remember. OBLIVION SONG #2 flows so smoothly because Kirkman does such a great job of juggling all of the pieces.

Not only that, but the series tells a very character-driven story. The characters are easily the most important part of OBLIVION SONG. Now, that surely might sound like a blank statement; in most stories, the characters are the most important part. Without them, you basically have no story. But, with OBLIVION SONG, the idea of a character-driven story is more strongly realized .

Part of this comes from all the characters having such a personal stake in the world they’re living in. Nathan is determined to save more people from Oblivion (particularly his brother). Duncan survived in Oblivion for years and is deeply scarred by his experiences there. Bridget nearly lost her husband because of Oblivion. In the case of all the main characters, the stakes are very personal.

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Because the characters have such deep connections to the world, it’s easier for the reader to understand and invest themselves in them and the world simultaneously. The world isn’t just a place that the characters live in and carry out their lives. It’s meaningful to all the characters in some way or another, which makes both elements even stronger.

Art That Depicts Real Characters

De Felici does a magnificent job capturing the world and characters in OBLIVION SONG #2. As with the previous issue, his art is a symphony of color and emotion. It’s uneven and sometimes inconsistent, but like I said in my previous review, that only makes it feel better. It’s extremely appropriate for the story Kirkman and De Felici are telling.

Not much of this issue takes place in Oblivion, so we don’t get to see too much of it. But, what we do see is beautiful. The destroyed, maimed environment is also the most colorful. The following skyline shot is particularly satisfying. It’s a beautiful blend of the fungal, more natural look of Oblivion, as well as the man-made structures of Philly.

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Something I’ve realized in OBLIVION SONG #2 is just how imperfect the characters look. I don’t mean that De Felici does a poor job drawing them. I mean that these characters don’t look like your ideal movie stars or something. They all look weathered in some way. Nathan always looks sort of tired, and Duncan has very worn and chiseled features. The characters are imperfect, which makes them feel more real.

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This is another way that readers might attach themselves to the characters. Though the art style is sort of cartoony, it has a lot of realistic elements to it, as well. Overall, it’s another great issue from De Felici.

Final Thoughts on OBLIVION SONG #2

Kirkman and De Felici have done a fantastic job continuing their story in OBLIVION SONG #2. This issue touches upon and improves every story facet. With the conclusion of OBLIVION SONG #2, the creators have opened the doors for tons of speculation and theorizing for where the story might go, which is always fun.

There’s a lot for Kirkman and De Felici to manage with OBLIVION SONG, but I’m sure they’re up to the task. With so many pieces to the story, it’ll probably keep the biggest fans guessing as to what might come next. I’m super eager to see how OBLIVION SONG will continue to evolve moving forward.

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