Nomen Omen #1 by Marco B. Bucci and Jacopo Camagni is a chilling new twist on the supernatural comic genre.
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A perplexed otherworldly tale.
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Supernatural forces are at work in writer Marco B. Bucci’s and artist Jacopo Camagni’s new Image Comics series NOMEN OMEN #1. Becky Kumar struggles with color blindness, which turns out to actually be the least of her worries. It’s a story that combines elements of horror, witchcraft, and magic. If you’re looking for something fresh with a slightly different take on the paranormal, you’ll want to read this book.


The story begins in the mid-summer of 1995. Long-time pal’s Claire and Meera are traveling along Yosemite National Park when they encounter a really bad car accident. They end up searching the area for survivors, only to find a pregnant woman covered in her own blood. However, the blood is drawn as occult symbols on the woman. This sets up the rest of the plot which is filled with some insane twists and otherworldly elements. The story gets a little off track but remains solid enough to stick around for a second issue.

Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Unlike other straightforward witchcraft stories, NOMEN OMEN #1 takes the black magic concept on its own path. The women, Claire and Meera, could have been fleshed out a bit more though in terms of character detail. I thought the issue lacked a strong emotional connection between the two of characters. The pacing doesn’t give you enough time to really get to know them. But hopefully, as the series progresses, we get a better idea of their relationship.

Bucci’s story is a very complex yet imaginatively inventive concept. The story is not told in chronological order which I think this makes some parts of the story a bit confusing. Bucci is telling two connecting tales in one, with the last half of the book flipping between different storylines. It is unclear what story it’s trying to tell just yet.

Camagni’s Art

Camagni’s illustrations for the first half of the book have a BLAIR WITCH-esk tone. In the second half of the issue, he switches up his art style, adding a TWILIGHT ZONE feel which works for the surprising ending. What I love most about this work, besides the detailed pencil work, is the emphasis on emotions in his character. He really knows how to add depth to each person.

Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Camagni’s color palette changes quite a bit in NOMEN OMEN. At the start, he uses some nice warmly colors that quickly turn dark and brooding by the time Claire and Meera reach the crash site. During the second half of the book, he makes good use of black, white, and grays. One of my favorite panels in this issue is a beautiful black and white scene outside of a diner with a full moon beaming off the winter snow.

Final Thoughts

NOMEN OMEN #1 is a decent issue despite a few consistency flaws in the plot. Hopefully, some elements of the story will start to make sense as the series continues. It’ll be interesting to see how the story develop and connect in the coming issues. If you’re looking for a perplexing new series with elements of witchcraft and an otherworldly feel, grab yourself a copy today.

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