Nightwing: The New Order #6

The finale we have been waiting for has come. NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #6 promises to end this fantastic standalone saga with a satisfying conclusion. In this culminating issue, the Crusaders close in on the fledgling Resistance. This book looks to end in an epic battle between the oppressed super powered heroes and their human overlords. This comic will show us which group Dick Grayson will end up siding with.

In this preview for NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #6 we see Lex Luthor working effortlessly on a cure to repower Superman, the Resistances’ last hope. Meanwhile, Dick makes a deal with the Crusaders to save his son, Jake. Dick is willing to sell out Lois Lane, Wally West, Lex, Superman, and even his love, Koriand’r AKA Starfire to reunite with his son. Perhaps it was Batman adopting Dick as a youth that makes Nightwing value fatherhood so much. He wants to provide Jake with direction in the same way that Bruce did for him.  Can Jake redeem Dick Grayson and make him turn his back on the Crusaders? Or will the Crusaders destroy the last remnants of super-powered individuals on Earth?

Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy have created a bold new vision of the future with NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER. The series is crucially relevant right now. It imagines a world where an angry majority (humans) persecute a vulnerable minority (Supers). As always it is fear that motivates these humans’ actions. If that story doesn’t hold any timely weight for you then I would like to live in your version of reality.

NIGHTWING: NEW ORDER #6 does tease hope for the future with the emergence of Jake Grayson’s unstable powers. Trevor McCarthy draws Jake Grayson, in classic Jesus-resurrection pose, rising among his fellow Supers on the cover. Can Jake help liberate the world and secure a future for the super-community? You’ll have to read NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #6 on 1/24 to find out!


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