In NIGHTWING #59, the spotlight is on one of the members of Team Nightwing: Fire chief Malcolm Hutch. As another inferno strikes Bludhaven, new NIGHTWING writer Dan Jurgens sheds some light on Hutch’s tragic past. Featuring the amazing artwork of Chris Mooneyham, the visuals bring an action-packed comic to life. Does this issue burn bright or fizzle out? Check out my review to find out.

The Past Burns in NIGHTWING #59

NIGHTWING #59 opens with an epic sparring session between Ric Grayson and Malcolm Hutch. Relying on muscle memory, Grayson shows off his fighting abilities. After they finish training, Hutch heads to the hospital, jumping across smoky rooftops and in full Nightwing gear. Once there, he visits a police sergeant he used to work for. According to Hutch, he is responsible for putting the man in a coma.

NIGHTWING #59 Page 2.
NIGHTWING #59 Page 2. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Later on, we check back in with Grayson. While spending time with his new sweetheart, Bea, a firetruck rushes past him. Nearby, a police precinct is up in flames. Quickly, he dons his makeshift Nightwing costume and rushes into action. Once again, he meets with Hutch, outside of the burning building. Together, they help people escape the fire.

NIGHTWING #59 ends with a confusing cliffhanger. As Grayson and Hutch battle the flames, the inferno itself comes to life. Literally, a giant monster, made entirely of fire emerges from the destruction. Who is this flaming creature? And what happened to the Joker’s Daughter from the previous issue? Honestly, I’m left scratching my head.

Urban Escape

As always, Chris Mooneyham’s artwork continues to amaze me. The visuals capture the shadowy and smoky quality of the urban landscape. The splatter effect adds to the gritty imagery of NIGHTWING #59. When the city is ablaze, the flames are roaring off the page, burning with bright yellows and oranges. Plus, the darkness looming over Hutch adds to the weight of his sad backstory. Shout out to colorist Nick Filardi on his stunning work in NIGHTWING #59.

During the sparring match, there is a lot of movement and power in this scene, highlighting Grayson’s skills. Also, when Hutch leaps across rooftops, against a yellow sky, those images look so reminiscent of the original Nightwing. Visually, it’s an action-packed issue, showcasing the sheer physicality and agility of these characters.

NIGHTWING #59 Page 3.
NIGHTWING #59 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Other Nightwing

Dedicating an issue to this other Nightwing was a mixed bag for me. Part of me is happy a member of Team Nightwing is developing as a complex character in NIGHTWING #59. By diving into Hutch’s tragic backstory, this gives him real substance. Which in turn, makes him more intriguing as a character.

On the other hand, shifting the spotlight onto another character is a bit distracting. I would have liked to see more of Grayson in NIGHTWING #59. It’s disheartening to see him as a secondary character, especially in his own comic. The new Team Nightwing derails the entire plot and takes attention away from Ric Grayson in this issue. Frankly, I’m much more interested in Grayson’s storyline than this team of Nightwings.

Final Thoughts on NIGHTWING #59

Sadly, NIGHTWING #59 is not my favorite issue in this series. And that’s putting it mildly. I’m glad the members of Team Nightwing are becoming more interesting characters. Dan Jurgens brings some depth to the members of Team Nightwing. However, they draw attention away from Grayson and his storyline. I wish Grayson had more of a presence in this issue.

Thankfully, the saving grace of this comic is Chris Mooneyham’s awesome artwork. His gritty, edgy style in his artwork is incredible to look at. The fine details, like the chimney smoke and gold skyline, bring the city to life. Also, the imagery really showcases every jump, punch, and kick from these vigilantes. Some of the pages look straight out an action blockbuster. Overall, the visuals alone make NIGHTWING #59 worth reading.

If you’re alright with Grayson being on the backburner and having another character stand center stage, then check out NIGHTWING #59. If you are here for Grayson, you may want to consider skipping this issue.

Unfortunately, Grayson takes a backseat in NIGHTWING #59. While the artwork is amazing, shifting the spotlight onto another character is both a great idea and a bad idea.
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