Nightwing #32

DC Entertainment has graciously given ComicsVerse an exclusive sneak peek at NIGHTWING #32! Despite his best efforts, Dick Grayson’s life has rapidly begun to crumble. His girlfriend Shawn, the (literal) artist formerly known as Defacer, has left him. The closest thing he has to friends in Blüdhaven, the Run-Offs, have rejected him. His former partner and lover Helena, also known as the vigilante Huntress, has turned her back on him. In order to better fight Blüdhaven’s criminal element, Nightwing made a deal with the devil in the form of Roland Desmond, and now even that seems to be falling apart. Yet the worst part of it all? None of that is actually the worst part.

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At the beginning of Nightwing’s Rebirth run, readers were introduced to a figure known only as Raptor. This Raptor took Nightwing under his wing and tried to make Dick rethink everything he knows. Yet the two came to blows when Raptor revealed his true colors. The bird of prey despises the wealthy and affluent, including generous figures like Bruce Wayne! To make matters more confusing, Raptor also has some connection to Dick’s Grayson’s history in the circus as well as his mother. So now Raptor had followed Nightwing to Blüdhaven, and his hellbent on proving his philosophy to his former pupil.

In the preview below, Raptor has confronted Dick at his place of work, Desmond’s casino. As Raptor recounts the events in Nightwing’s life that led to this moment, he taunts his former pupil that he (both figuratively and literally) holds all the cards. Meanwhile, the Run-Offs are investigating Shawn’s mentor, Pigeon; desperately seeking the connection between her and Raptor. How both groups will respond to the rising threats is anyone’s guess, but you can be certain that the battle for Blüdhaven’s heart and soul is sure to be intense!

NIGHTWING #32: Raptor’s Revenge!

So will the heroes of Gotham’s sister city band together to defeat their mutual foes, or is it only going to get worse from here? The only way to find out is to be sure to pick up a copy of NIGHTWING #32 soon!

NIGHTWING #32 hits shelves November 1st. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

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