It’s been amazing to watch Dick Grayson’s transformation over the past year in DC Rebirth’s NIGHTWING. Masterfully written by Tim Seeley and beautifully drawn by Javier Fernandez, this NIGHTWING #27 preview promises another thrilling adventure! In this issue, Nightwing finds himself facing off with his former allies and friends from the covert organization, Spyral. Tim Seeley is brilliantly connecting his fantastic work on GRAYSON with his current NIGHTWING run. The results are extremely rewarding.

In GRAYSON, Dick served as a special agent for Spyral alongside Helena Bertinelli (AKA Huntress). Since then, both heroes have left Spyral and returned to traditional crime fighting. Now, Nightwing and Huntress once again must team up to confront a secret organization known as the Second Hand. Only last issue did Dick find out that the Second Hand was actually Spyral all along!

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This NIGHTWING #27 preview has Dick and Helena fighting for their lives against the organization that they used to be a part of. The first pages of this issue are already filled with non-stop action in the form of intense acrobatics. Once again Javier Fernandez amazes the reader with his ability to draw awesome fight sequences in his comics. Nightwing and Huntress are battling trained assassins and ninjas. Fernandez is able to show the incredible martial abilities each character has. This makes for an incredibly exciting fight.

We can expect much more than just action from NIGHTWING #27. On one of the pages, we see Tiger, Dick’s former partner, claim that Spyral’s original purpose was “killing superheroes who stray out of line.” This raises so many tantalizing questions! Why is Spyral targeting Dick and Helena? How did they “stray out of line?” How will Dick and Helena respond to Spyral’s attacks? How can Nightwing defeat Spyral once and for all? All the answers will be revealed in NIGHTWING #27 on August 9th!

NIGHTWING #27 Preview

NIGHTWING #27 PreviewNIGHTWING #27 PreviewNIGHTWING #27 PreviewNIGHTWING #27 PreviewNIGHTWING #27 PreviewNIGHTWING #27 Preview


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